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Sold '12 Kawasaki Versys 650 - Central TX - $3,300

Discussion in 'Bikes' started by Charrlotte, Apr 19, 2020.

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  1. Charrlotte

    Charrlotte yup Supporter

    Sep 5, 2006
    TX for now, <3 in NV
    Located in Bryan, 77803
    20,2xx miles
    Clean TX Title
    Daily until recently
    Solid & reliable
    $3,300 - or Touring bike trade
    2012 Versys 650 LHS_.jpg
    Until last month, I've been moto only since purchasing this V in 2015 with ~3,500 miles. (got the bikes entire short history then) I cant afford to have any down days, so have stayed on top of maintenance. The book recommends oil service every 6K mi., and have done them early all but once. Detailed service history available.

    Will also include the full service/workshop Manual on CD-ROM from TechSpark, and a binder which has a good chunk of it printed and sectioned out.
    Most recent services:
    2YR cooling system flush/refill 03/2020.
    2YR Brake fluid flush/refill 01/2020.
    Last oil & filter change I moved over to full SYN Motul 7100. 11/2019

    I have regrettably let my confidence cloud my reason, and lost the front when I should not have been crossing the Sierras late in the season. Visible reminders; surface scratches on right side rider peg and brake pedal, mirror, right lower fork. The right shroud took most of the energy and has a decent crack and hole about 2/3 the size of a dollar bill. Hence the stickers..
    2012 Versys 650 RH Shroud.jpg
    Currently has Renthal handle bars installed, still have OEM bars on the shelf . The black tape on the tail section is there to prevent my luggage (soft, not included) from rubbing on the panels. Airhawk, Crampbuster, watch not included. Undecided on the hand guards.

    2012 Versys 650 LH RR.jpg

    ***FuLL Disclosure****
    The Versys had a full engine replacement a few years ago, NOT a rebuild. The ODO indicates the mileage on the chassis, not the engine. The replacement was very well documented and I can provide all the information, photos, and receipts. The engine was replaced after chain failure while riding on the freeway. The semi to my right must've seen the rapid weight reduction as he slowed to let me cross over his front & semi glide to the exit. I found that the chain had whipped around & punched a decent sized hole in the lower case, sprocket cover, and guide., then jammed up in the front sprocket area, what was left anyway.
    Have since taken chain replacements out of someone else's hands.

    It was far more cost effective and less worrisome going forward to replace the engine, than split and replace the cases. New chain & sprockets, coolant, sparkies & air filter also replaced at that time. Used motor purchased from dealer in FL, and I have the certificate of sale. At time of swap, exact mileage is/was recorded;
    Current ODO: 35,5xx mi
    ODO at swap: (-18,6xx mi)
    Donor: + 3,36x mi
    Current engine mileage: 20,2xx mi.

    Ive never had any issues with the bike outside of normal maintenance / wear and tear items. Its never let me down and has been solid. Currently has Road 5 tires FR & RR. The V has taken me on several west coast rallies, camping to many races, up and back to work, all over the eastern sierras, and now parts of TX.

    2012 Versys 650 Camping Load.jpg

    Happy to answer any questions, shes ready to go for a ride! Could potentially help with getting in touch with a transport company. Selling to get on a more touring oriented bike, so would consider reasonable trades of the sort. Love me some Suzi's ;)

    2012 Versys 650 LH FR.jpg 2012 Versys 650 FR Dark.jpg 2012 Versys 650 Chain.jpg 2012 Versys 650 Cockpit.jpg 2012 Versys 650 RHS.jpg 2012 Versys 650 RHF.jpg
    --I do have the rear spring adjusted ALLLLLL the way down to I can get a solid one ball of one foot down. In case you're thinking it looks a bit squat, it is :p --
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