1260 Enduro for taller riders

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    Been a few years since I've had an adventure bike. Had a 16 GSA that I enjoyed quite a bit. I'm looking at selling my Super Duke R and getting another adv bike. Right now I'm leaning toward the KTM Super Adventure R but am also considering the Ducati 1260 Enduro. My Goldwing is my primary road bike so this one will be a second bike that I intend to ride off road as much as on. I do have questions though as I'm not as familiar with Ducati. I'm 6'4" and all legs and arms and was wondering how some of you taller riders find the ergos on the 1260 Enduro. Also wondering if there is a good selection of aftermarket parts for the Duc or if it's sparse. Would also like to hear from some of you that have put on quite a few miles about reliability and any problems or qwerks to look out for. I would take it for a long road trip to get to a place to ride off road but that would be the exception rather than the rule.
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    I'm not of much help as I'm on a 1200s Touring. I have a Sargent seat installed and I'm on my big toes at a stop. I'm 6' with a 32" inseam.

    Unless you are planning on buying a used 1260 I would wait until January when the new V4 hits the showroom floor before buying one.
    If you're not going to put a lot of miles on the bike a 1260 may be the perfect bike for you but if you plan on racking up the miles, the new V4 might be the way to go.
    Personally, I'd buy the new V4 over a new 1260 in a heartbeat (on paper). I'd need to ride one first before making a final decision.
    Good luck.
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    I find the 1200 MTSE a little cramped as it came from the dealer.

    I am 6'0", 34 inch inseam. I also have ape-like long arms.

    I improved the ergonomics by adding a Corbin saddle (20mm) taller than stock, but I am having Renazco Racing build a 40mm taller (and flatter) seat. I find the added height quite beneficial in keeping on top of the thing...controlling it with my legs and feet.

    I love the characteristics of the engine, and that is ultimately the reason why I bought mine. There is very little aftermarket support for off-road riding improvements but aside from stronger hand guards, it is pretty well-equipped.

    Also, don't listen to anyone who says it can't be ridden off-road. It isn't a dirt bike, but it isn't a V-Strom, either. Keep it upright and don't fill the tank with too much gas before you head off road.
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    501A63A0-C0A7-49BD-BDF9-236EDBC2A8A5.jpeg 46C70973-0153-463C-9DA7-4F1ACA39A79B.jpeg D7F87903-6BB6-461F-8AF4-8F812A1057CF.jpeg I’m 6 2” and have had my 1260 Enduro for just over a year now and have done 7000 miles. I find it very comfortable particularly on longer trips and have made very few changes to it as it is great “straight out of the box” so to speak.

    It came with the touring pack which included the metal panniers and heated grips. The only thing I have added is protection for the radiator which is pretty exposed and essential for even light off road.
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