12v Gasoline Transfer Pumps?

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    Nov 29, 2007
    Kentucky-Eastern that is!
    Not the several hundred USD ones for my use.
    On Amazon the many model 12S pumps are a possibility- most all are ~$21 and handle ethanol which most don't on ebay I looked at.
    The Terrapumps, all models have many bad reviews of short life spans,etc..
    GasTapper is pricey IMO @ $98 and looks the same pump as the Amazon $21 version except for the jazzy box.
    ReadyPump is another choice on Amazon.
    The Siphon Pro XL looks like a good choice for a siphon pump, $22, but not so sure I want a siphon as the suction lift isn't handy for fueling up.
    Opinions from users? :ear
    I already own a 12v diesel pump for tractor and tiring of hoisting 5 gallons to fuel my Kawasaki Mule and other stuff such as my Woodmizer which has an elevated fuel tank too.
    My shoulders would appreciate a way to avoid hoisting the blade lube water jug even higher than the gasoline, but no water on the mill site to pump from. I may start a barrel thing there off the roof-rainwater could settle out and be pumped into my plastic jug that holds 7 gallons-too much for me to want to place above my head while standing on a milkcrate!