1966 Ducati 160 Monza Jr Rebuild

Discussion in 'Old's Cool' started by DesmoDog, Nov 1, 2009.

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    IMHO a 160 can be great fun... if the people you are riding with have similar bikes. On it's first outing I took mine to Barber and the road to anf from the hotel was a great place to ride a bike like that. I was caning it and managed to pass a couple of big twins that I'm sure didn't know were being "stalked", but tucking in and trying to conserve as much speed as possible was a good time. Trying to pass a car on a long straight was nerve wracking though, knowing that if the driver put another ounce on the throttle I'd be hung out to dry...

    You can still buy most parts for it, or something that will work at least. It is NOT a bike I would want to restore. All the work of restoring a larger twin with none of the value when you are done. And the "correct" parts just aren't there for some of it (I seem to remember some parts for the fork being NLA?)

    If I was single the 160 I had would be on display in my living room, right by my 996 which is also a pretty poor streetbike but for different reasons. Wifey doesn't share my vision though so the 160 got sold and the 996 is on the market.

    Is $800 too much? No clue. I haven't been in the market for a few years now. It's always cheaper to buy the nicest one you can find instead of rebuilding a non-runner but then you already knew that. I sold mine for a hell of a lot less than it would cost to build another one, trust me...
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    I've had a 160 & a 250 back when they were cheap & plentiful. The 160 wasn't dog slow, it was a bit faster than a Honda 175 twin. It was lots of fun for a young feller to ride, and it's handling was very good. I don't remember the 250 being a whole lot more powerful. But I do remember that my Suzuki X6 Hustler certainly was.:D

    I don't think that $800 for a 160 with a frozen motor is realistic, depending on how beat the rest of it is, I'd say anything more than $400 is too much.
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    And all air cooled.
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    This thing keeps coming back to haunt me....

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