1967 Yamaha 250 Big Bear Scrambler Won't Start

Discussion in '2 smokers' started by Rickymus, Apr 13, 2016.

  1. Rickymus

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    Jun 8, 2011
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    Picked up this 67 yamaha scrambler today. We started it first kick after doing the proper deep storage resurrection rituals and maintenence. 20 min later went to start it again and the kick starter just dropped as if there was no compression or rather, as if the motor wasnt turning at all lIke something wasnt engaging. We went to bump start it in 1st 2nd and third gear and the bike just coasted with ease. (Slight drag compared to neutral)
    What is going on here??
    Never encountered a bike that would coast from a stand still while in gear with the clutch lever out. Could the clutch be stuck? Would that explain the lack of compression while kicking? It seems like the kick lever is slipping.
  2. Katoom64

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    Jan 2, 2015
    My guess is that it siezed. The clutch would have no effect if kicking the bike in neutral. Lack of compression is just that, something happened in the cylinder.
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    Pull the side case and check out the clutch. If the kick lever feels like it is slipping it more than likely will be the pressure plate of the clutch or something has come loose in the clutch. Please post up a pic of your scrambler, my buddy just picked up a Catalina Scrambler this past year.
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  4. RodT

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    sounds to me like the clutch is hung open, as if the push mechanism is seized up or the cable is hung up. With the clutch open , when you kick the motor over you aren't turning the crankshaft just the clutch and gears.