1974 cb350f jet size

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    219F3762-50A1-42F7-8D5D-EACAD43245E0.jpeg Hi all,
    New to the bike world as well as the Honda world. Recently acquired a 1974 Honda cb350 four, has four into one exhaust and I recently purchased rebuilt carbs with the Uni pod filters on it.

    A friend of mine who owns a shop has been working on the tune up for me and said that he’s got it narrowed down to needing larger jets. The only question I’ve got is does anyone have a similar set up and what jet sizes are you running? Also where did you purchase them from.

    Thanks for the help, if there’s another page that already has this I apologized in advance.
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    Firstly the pod filters can cause much head scratching as they bugger the airflow around into the carbs. Secondly the std mains should be about 75. I know 400f will benefit from 80 mains with aftermarket pipes. But that is mainly for heavy throttle and high rpm riding. Mains only work from 3/4 to full throttle. Anything below that will be jet needle adjustment. It is very seldom that a classic bike needs bigger mains as they are not ridden at wot often or at all. I would probably start with trying to find a std airbox and thereafter alter the jet needle settings assuming here that the jets are all standard( mains and pilots).
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    The "rebuilt" carb thing might be the whole problem. Also as manxkipper brings up, the pods themselves are often the source of more problems. Specifically they can screw up airflow to the air bleeds.
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