1974 Yamaha dt250 2 stroke

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    hello riders, I am new to this forum so be easy on me if I'm not doing this right. I have a 1974 Yamaha dt250 2 stroke Enduro. wasn't running when I purchased it, cleaned the carburetor put a new spark plug into it and then tuned the carburetor. I am getting spark to the plug and I know all the Jets are clean but when I kick start it it just gives me no hope in starting up. please help me I really want to get this bike fixed and running. I would really appreciate advice. Thank you and have a good day.
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    Could be several things. Does that model have points? If so check the timing. Also the jet may be clean but the passage ways could still be clogged, try a bit a starting fluid and see if it fires. If it does you still have a carb problem. Did you measure the compression? Have you tired bump starting it down a big hill?