1975 Kawasaki F11 - Need a little electrical help!

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  1. spectreman

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    Aug 22, 2017
    Hello all!

    I'm re-assembling my 1975 Kawasaki F11 project, and I've run into a small electrical wiring issue.

    Everything electrical is working fine, magneto/regulator/coil. In fact, I have spark so that's not an issue.

    What I want to accomplish is stripping all the electrical components except headlight and taillight. Now, this particular bike can and will run without a battery. The magneto actually powers the headlight & taillight while running.

    What I don't know is - What wires from the magneto do I connect to the 6 Pin connector wires on the regulator to get 6 Volt DC power for the lights?

    The magneto wires are:
    BLACK - (i know this one goes to coil, but does it also splice to regulator?)

    I attached a few photos as well as the wiring diagram. I'm hoping someone has knowledge of what I need to do to bypass everything up front, and just have DC power for the lights by connecting the appropriate magneto wires to the regulator wiring.

    Thanks for any help!

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  2. RockyRue

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    Dec 19, 2008
    You have a 4 way ignition switch
    On position 3 "night" you have Mag3 output (Yellow) to Headlight (Red)
    You have battery (white) to horn (brown) and Tail (Red/White)
    You need a battery to keep the tail light on to keep the bike street legal, same with my F7.
    Pink is Mag2 to Reg/Rect blue/white
    Light Brown is Mag1 to Reg/Rect, but only in "day time"

    So to "super simplify this" with a regulator / rectifier and a battery.
    These are all the positives, ground is ground.
    Mag Black / White > ignition coil
    Mag 2 Pink > Reg/Rect Blue/white
    Mag 3 Yellow > headlight
    Reg/Rect > battery
    Battery to power on/off switch
    Power switch to Front or rear Brake Switch > Rear brake Light (Orange / blue)
    Power switch to rear tail light Red / White

    Not sure about the Yellow/green and Orange to the Regulator.


    Add a kill switch ignition Black / White to ground.
  3. spectreman

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    Aug 22, 2017
    Hey thanks! I'm just using this as a farm bike, so I'm ditching all lights except for headlight. I guess there is no reason to have headlight either, but I prefer to have a light up front.

    So, I want to ditch the battery as well. I want this striped down as much as possible. I don't want any ignition switch either (although I will add a kill switch). I want to kick it alive and go.

    How do you suggest I can "super, super simplify" this wiring. I'm a little confused on how the magneto feeds the Reg/Rect. In other words, I just want one 6V power source coming from the magneto to power the headlight. I'm understanding i need to route through the Reg/Rect to get DC power, but my brain is not picking up on how to accomplish this.

    Thanks for the help! I appreciate it!
  4. spectreman

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    Aug 22, 2017
    Well, after going over this wiring diagram again, I think the following solution will work. Remember, I want to ditch the battery, & I don't want any ignition switch either (although I will add a kill switch). I only want DC power for headlight.

    So it looks like it may be as simple as this for Night mode (according to the table at the bottom of the wiring diagram):

    1. Connect PINK (Mag2) to BLUE/WHITE (Rect)
    2. Use WHITE as the power to the headlight

    Can it be this easy?
  5. snarlyjohn

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    Apr 1, 2016
    The best way to do it would be to keep the key switch so you have some way of turning the headlight on. The key could stay in the on position permanently and the kill switch used to stop it. There is no need for the battery or regulator/rectifier as the headlight runs off unregulated AC. Remove everything else apart from the coil, kill switch, key switch and resistor. If you remove the handlebar switches you'll have to join the orange and orange/black wires for the headlight.