1980 GS550 + 2000 Katana 750

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    Sep 14, 2015
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    Not gonna lie.... took a big, long break from this project. Had life get in the way over the winter. Had lots of other distractions and, honestly, I just lost interest in it. I sold the Brat project with the stock 550 engine. I even tried to sell the 750 swap project and, I guess you could say luckily, I had no takers.

    So... I took it apart and started working on it again.



    I got the frame, swing arm and various bits and hangers painted yesterday. Today, I adjusted the valves (all were within specs but I snugged up the intakes just a bit) and slotted the timing advance plate to I can try advancing the timing once I get it running.

    I tried to install the starter motor I bought a year ago only to find that I had a -'98 starter and I have a '00 motor. Doh! Got the correct one ordered and once it's installed I'll get the engine back in the frame and start putting this thing back together.
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