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Sold 1983 Lowered XL600R Los Angeles

Discussion in 'Bikes' started by cb550k, Nov 2, 2019.

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  1. cb550k

    cb550k n00b

    Aug 3, 2013
    Selling this fun and lowered ‘83 XL 600r. She’s not pretty by any means, as seen in the photos, but she runs great, is super nimble, skinny for lane splitting and a lot of fun to ride. I was going to get a different tank and straight seat combo to have her looking more brat-like but I simply don’t have the time so I’m passing this on. I’m 5’7” and can put both my feet flat on the ground with my knees bent, that’s how low it is, so if you’re on the shorter side and want something bigger than a SR400 this might be for you.

    New spokes laced up to a 17” rim in the front for supermoto style 17” wheels with relatively new, low mileage tires (less than 1k miles each).

    New master cylinder and stainless brake line.

    New chain.

    Street fighter headlight because I needed something quick/cheap at the time.

    Clip on handlebars. Perfect for splitting lanes! NOT an aggressive forward leaning seating position either.

    Front forks have been lowered 2”, springs were NOT cut. Can be put back to stock height very easily.

    Rear shock came off a Vstrom 650 which lowered the rear, has preload adjuster . I have the original shock as well.

    Frame was not cut anywhere.

    Crf450 muffler (because i had it) that was supposed to be temporary, ugly as sin but relatively quiet with the spark arrestor (I’m not interested in loud bikes) but I have the extended exhaust pipe that goes from the header to whatever muffler you may want to use instead of this set up.

    Valve clearances just set.

    Bought the bike with about 21k miles (I have the original speedo) and took off the speedometer soon after getting the bike. Been commuting on it for about 9 months, probably put 4k miles into it by now.

    Petcock on gas tank sometimes leaks at the knob if you let the bike sit for like a week without use. Can’t rebuild this style petcock and when it does leak it stops after a bit and goes unnoticed so I wouldn’t worry about it, I never did. If its a daily rider it doesn't leak though.

    Fun bike that could use someone’s cosmetic touch to make it look unique. Ride it while you customize it.

    Come and get it in Highland Park, Los Angeles 90042.

    Asking $1800 OBO. Clean New Jersey title in my name. XL600r-3.jpg XL600r-4.jpg XL600r-5.jpg XL600r-9.jpg XL600r-10.jpg
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