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1984 Honda XL600R over charging

Discussion in 'Some Assembly Required' started by Old bike hero, May 17, 2020.

  1. Old bike hero

    Old bike hero n00b

    May 17, 2020
    Las Vegas, Nevada
    Hey guys and gals! New here, and actually joined because of the issue I'm having with the bike listed above, and that's the problem I'm having too. After a bit of run time, about 5-10 min, the voltage goes from 14.5 volts at the battery, to 17-18.5 volts. I have quite literally melted two voltage regulators, and don't want to fry a third. I have made all of the tests, and the only one that throws me off is the headlight test. If I have it on a DC test, it read 4 volts or less, but if I switch the multi-meter over to AC, I get a very steady reading of 13.5 volts. I did measure the resistance of the AC regulator and it looks like it's fried cause it showed infinite resistance (open). Could this be my problem, OR is it the stater is putting out too much amperage for the voltage regulator to handle? I had to replace my OEM stater with a Ricks, and as I do plan on adding some additional lighting down the road, I went with a hot stater, and the extra voltage regulator that is require for it. I wired in the additional reg in per the instructions from Ricks, but I have yet to add on the extra accessories. I am at my wits end on this problem, and I don't want to fry another reg. Also, I went through the wiring harness and found open connections that aren't meant to be there and zero shorts. HELP! Add on here, I think I originally posted this in the wrong section, Moderators, If I did I'm sorry and delete, otherwise, I'll just leave it in both cause I really do love this bike, And I have her running great, just electrical system bully honkey which I hate.