1985 Honda Spree

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    Apr 9, 2013
    Hello, I have a 1985 Honda spree and I believe there is a problem in the clutch. It runs great but when I hit the gas it will barely pull me around and I'm only 150lbs. I think that the pads in the clutch are worn out and I have a picture of them. Or could it be something like the springs? I don't know much about scooters and would really like some help.

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    You may get more action on this topic over in Battle Scooters or here: http://www.hondaspree.net/.

    The Spree doesn't have a clutch as one would find on a motorcycle, so it's unlikely that's your problem. Some other part of the transmission may be. First thing I'd check is the drive belt. If it's original, it's long overdue for a change.