1985 XL600R oil leak from front of crankcase (where hoses go under the plate)

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    Jun 24, 2013

    I have an XL600R and it leaks a few drops after a ride. It's slowly making a mess on the garage floor, and I'm trying to troubleshoot it. After multiple cleanings, it appears that it was coming from the front of the crankcase where the two oil hoses sit under the retainer plate. I figured it was the o-rings that go onto the metal hose snouts. I ended up buying some parts on amazon based on a microfiche search via ronayers. When I took the hoses off, the old ones had some sort round black oring on there. These new ones were flat on the inside/outside diameters and cylinder shaped, and a dull green color. However, after replacing them I am still leaking! I am wondering if I have the wrong ones. I did the swap with the oil full, so it was messy and I was going fast. I was not able to check how well they fit, more concerned with limiting the leakage.

    The part i ordered was the following:

    However, when I check partzilla, I am seeing a few different options for O-rings.


    Part #17 is showing a 9.8mm and a 10.5mm option. Is it possible I ordered the wrong part? Which part is the right one? Will I just need to silicone these in place?

    If I ordered the wrong part please let me know. I feel like it has to be the orings causing the leak...