1994 Ducati e900

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    My bike was a euro spec, Cagiva same as this but with gold wheels I seem to remember, pretty sure in fact, still miss it. Sold it as I was going to work in the UAE. In metallic blue, unfortunately I have no photos from back then. The only issue I ever had was a leaky fuel tap when on reserve (probably not the best time to have a leaky fuel tap LOL).

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    Oct 21, 2020
    Thanks! Yes, this one has been very meticulously maintained. All service records as well as info on all upgrade history... The bash plate is not factory, it is custom made. I do have the factory bash plate though which is actually thinner than the one on the bike now. I also have the original exhaust, not a scratch on either of them. The previous owner removed them when the bike was new as well as the factory seat too. I have all three of them AND two more wind shields as well! The exhaust is a titanium custom built model.
    Yes, that is a center stand! However, I cannot for the life of me figure out HOW to maneuver the bike onto it! Even my old vintage Hondas which weigh a ton are easily propped up on the center stands...but not this beast! Not sure what I am doing wrong on this one? Good advice on the fender fairings...As for the off roading, I have yet to even drive it "off road" to be honest and I am wary of ever truly abusing this bike. (think I will buy an old KLR for that!) This machine was more of a stablemate for my other machines, including a '95 Ducati 900ss. I had never actually heard of, much less seen an Elefant / Ducati e900 and I'd like to think I am pretty well versed in all things motorized. I've been to Barbers over the last 10 years and have never seen one even during the Vintage Motorcycle Festival, and they do not have one in the museum either. I fell in love with the e900 the second I set eyes on it and began my search almost immediately.
    It goes without saying that I was more than pleased with my purchase. So far, I have put less than 30 miles on this machine, but I do love it. It runs impeccably well and starts without issue every time. This is my first "Adventure" bike so this is all new to me but I love the excitement of discovering something new!
    Any other bits of sage Elefant wisdom for me?
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    Welcome! I just got a 1995 E900 in boxes that I am currently bringing back from the grave. Just cleaned the carbs and now about to do a valve adjustment, timing belts change, oil and filter before I fire her up. Going really slow as I haven't adjusted valves on a Ducati but have several times on a BMW which takes me about 20 minutes. I haven't ridden one yet, also have a 996 and 750SS so I can kinda imagine but can wait to ride it off road.