1st 2019 Summer ride in Flagstaff, AZ

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    Aug 11, 2017
    Flagstaff, AZ
    AZ Mtn Thumper and I have been dying to get out and ride locally since our return from our Utah trip. Unfortunately it has been rain, wind, hail, and snow until the past two weekends. Then the season jumped right into summer riding weather.

    We decided to hit the local forest roads for a day of fun and just spent the day in one of my favorite hunting areas. A lot of traffic on Woody Mt. Rd as we started off road. This area is close to Flagstaff, and sees a lot of multi use. We also saw camps closer to town that seem to be people living in them to escape the heat of the Phoenix area. But we finally took to the side tracks and had them to ourselves for a great day of riding.


    The wet spring has brought us a green forest, with plenty of grass, and water holes brimming with water. Wish I had a elk tag this year.


    Some of the roads lead to scenic overlooks. Like Dave Joy Point. I would tell you the name of the Canyon but it is a Secret. Hint, Hint!


    The wet spring also brought us a bit of mud to play in, but Thumper didn't want to get his bike dirty! What a whimp.


    But I got him dirty! Here some for the camera man!


    Next stop was Buck Ridge Cabin. It is always open and has survived several fires in the past few years. There used to be a sign in book that told people to enjoy the cabin but leave it like they found it. Have spent a few mornings at the nearby water hole photographing and hunting deer and elk. A good spot to see the elusive Coues ("Cows") or whitetail deer as we call them. The short road in is rough in spots and gravity pulled the AT down when making the tight uphill turn back onto the forest road. Good thing Thumper was there....again, to save my sore back in lifting that damn bike.

    There have been several major fires in this hunt unit over the past years and a tornado, so it is pretty torn up, but still one of my favorite places to hunt and knock around in.


    It was good to get out on some of great local roads, nothing epic, but any day on a bike in such great county is always special.


    If you find yourself out this way, give us a shout, we don't need much of an excuse to drop everything and go ride. And I love sharing this area with others who appreciate its beauty and what it has to offer.


    If you cant come ride, I hope you enjoyed the pics. And thank ADV Rider for upgrading the site to allow more pics per post!
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    Yeah, I'm an Arizona boy through and through. I much prefer dry and dusty to mud any day! The spring rains definitely made things green:
    Buck Ridge Cabin ver 1.0

    A couple wilderness areas in the area. Definitely a fun day in the back yard!
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