2 Dirtbags do Northern AZ & Southern UT

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    Thanks for all your hard work writing your RR. It is a gift that keeps on giving, especially for all us virus homebound dreamers.
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    Just stumbled across this thread and have thoroughly enjoyed the first page, looking forward to reading the rest. Really cool that you guys do this together.

    Riding southern Utah is on my bucket list, it's great that you guys started in AZ and made your way north. Looks like you're traveling light and doing hotels every night? Do you have camp gear if you end up getting stuck out in the desert?

    Great shots of the Gila Monster in one of your posts, crazy to run across one of those when out riding :thumb :thumb
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    Thanks. We do not carry camping gear. Preventative maintenance is really the key to not getting stuck. That and never ride alone!
    We rode 25,000 miles last year and our only mechanical issues were two failed headlight bulbs.

    The Hubby's system is the 4T's:
    - Tools: Enough to fix the problem or improvise.
    - Tow rope: If it can't be fixed.
    - Two-up: If it can't be towed.
    - Temporary shelter: Rain gear and warm layers. A motorcycle cover will also work if you carry one or consider an emergency bivy like this
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