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Discussion in 'Equipment' started by Gezerbike, Jun 25, 2019.

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    While browsing vendors at the recent MOA rally, I stopped in at the Vanson booth. I immediately fell in love with a waxed cotton mesh jacket....priced at $ 599.00. But there was a 10% show special, but then add in the Tn 9.25 % sales tax and we are back at the $ 599.00 or so price. Being, generally speaking, a cheep fuc*, I took a pass. When I got home, I wanted to show my wife what I passed on, so I went to the Vanson site and low and behold, there it was....for $ 549.00. Hmmmmmmm. Did they raise the show special price to cover the 10% discount ? That would be bad. So I fired off an e-mail to Vanson expressing my dissatisfaction. Kim, one of the owners of Vanson came right back and acknowledged that the price at the show was wrong. So she offered me the $ 549.00 jacket with a 10% discount and free shipping to me. After raising my concerns and she offering to make it right, how could I pass ? So I'll be stylishly riding around in my beautiful but very impractical tan waxed cotton riding jacket when taking the riding my Triumph back and forth to work...at my local BMW dealer. Thanks to Kim at Vanson for the quick response and proper handling of the situation
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    I have a number of Vanson leather jackets/suits as well as their Dover waxed cotton jacket. They’re all great and so are the people running the company. Two thumbs up, indeed.
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    I'm a huge Vanson fan. I have the Baja and the Compass. I got the Compass done in all green and it has to be my favorite jacket I've ever owned. It's got solid materials, it's really well constructed and they just know how to get the cut right.