2 UP Camping on Wethead LC GS or GSA, 1200 or 1250, only 2 tires

Discussion in 'GS Boxers' started by 177in70s, Jul 22, 2021.

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    Jul 4, 2012
    Completed 2 weeks in Montana 2 UP camping, met a few other 2 UP campers at the rally. Hoping others post tips for this motorcycle series including rear shock options. Previous 2 UP posts seem to focus on the pre 2013-4 GSes or trailers or side cars or staying in hotels.

    Weights: Last year we were 1100 pounds, this year we were 1120 pounds, mostly due to Covid weight gain. Looking for a rear shock with more preload than stock, less sag.

    We ride on dirt and paved roads on spoked wheels with Michelin Adventure tires. Enjoy removing the Vario side bags in about 30 seconds for unloaded riding. Not shown is a pair of Aerostich tank paniers for tools, rainsuit, 1st Aid and "McGyver Stuff" that stays on all the time.

    We stay 2 nights or more at most tent sites and eat at local eateries.

    Photo overlooking Lake Coeur d'Alene at our tent site ready to head to Lolo Pass.

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    It's not really the shock, but rather the spring.

    I'd call Ted Porter, give him the load range, and then buy whatever spring he recommends.

    On the car side of its business, BMW actually offered different rear spring rates for various load ranges up until the early 90s. I'm not aware that they did similarly for the bikes, but it's an even more advantageous option for many riders.
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    I second Ted Porter! Super knowledgeable, friendly, and great selection of products, your best option without a doubt.
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    i'd get the tractive extreme rear shock. given the weight, i'd consider getting the gsa shock to give a bit more travel and maybe more preload. this means losing esa, which i recommend for your situation. i run tractive extreme for many years. they're bulletproof and dramatically improve performance. i run the stiffest springs with less weight than your situation. it may make sense to have someone make springs specifically for your situation.
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    Yep. We've had it loaded so damn bad it would tip over on the sidestand unless I parked it uphill to the left. Amazing how well these bikes handle loaded up.

    Ted Porter is the guy. He'll get you sorted as best as you're gpoing to get for this. Three bikes through him now and if I get a 4th someday he'll set that one up as well.

    We gave up on the bags on top of the side cases. Too hard for my pillion. We pack lighter, use compression sacks, all our gear is backpacking stuff. It's always nice to have more but there's a certain challenge in being "comfortably minimal".

    Do your pillion a favor (if you haven't already) and pick up some off road passenger footpegs from Touratech. They need a good grip just as much as you, the stock ones suck, and they are affordable enough.
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