2 years ago we rode the U.S. coast to coast and back

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    My wife and I rode around the US 2 years ago (summer of 2016). I just compiled a video of much of the footage. Unfortunately I lost the SD card with a TON of footage shortly after the trip. This brought back some amazing memories though.

    We started in Georgia, and went down along the Gulf coast to Texas. From TX we went north to Arkansas (to see family mainly). Then we cut west again across Kansas. Kansas took 2 days, and there was an unusually strong wind storm going both days, so that was awful. We got stuck in Colorado for a full week, and thoroughly loved every minute of it. Definitely our favorite state. We headed southwest out of CO and hit the Grand Canyon, then the Hoover Dam. Rode through the desert into California via Rt 168 into Big Pine, north of Death Valley. I cannot overemphasize how amazing that route was! It was my favorite day of riding in my life, and took us from 100 degree desert riding into the 60s and stunning views of the Sierra Nevadas that I still dream about.

    The last 100 miles to the coast ended up being a single lane, unmarked farm road. It was magical. Golden Cali hills gave way to Redwood forest, then we all of a sudden busted through the woods to the coast, it was like a movie scene.

    We rode up the coast on Highway 1, all the way into Oregon, and then cut back east through Washington, Idaho, etc, with a stop in Yellowstone and then on east. We had fallen a little behind schedule so we had a couple hard days pushing over to see friends in Michigan and Ohio, then came south through West Virginia to hit the East coast at Virginia Beach. We came back to Georgia via the coast, Ferry hopping the Outer Banks.

    Our final tally was appx 12k miles, 44 days, and all FOUR U.S. coasts (Gulf, West, Great Lakes, East).

    Here's the blog we kept (lazily) while we rode and the video I just compiled. We hope to do it again one day!

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