2000 Toyota Corolla using oil?

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    Sep 1, 2010
    It's a piston design flaw that Toyota didn't fully resolve until 2010.

    Old and busted (97k miles):


    New hotness:


    Went from a quart every 400 to half a quart per OCI. If you ignore the oil consumption, you'll smoke the cat. That costs more than the pistons.
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    Last post said it all.

    I sold my 2002 Rockin' 'rolla to a neighbor at 450,000 miles, and the dipshit totaled it within two weeks.

    Anyway, mine also started burning a bit of oil around 200K, and at around 350K miles, it was getting annoying and I dropped in another engine ("dropped in" is a euphemism for a week of abject driveway struggle...). A somewhat less used engine, I guess you'd call it.

    Really neat to have one of these engines on the slab and poke around in it after 350,000 miles. The bores looked fantastic. That engine is an amazing piece of engineering, vastly overbuilt, but yeah; they screwed the pooch on the pistons.

    At the outer reaches of miles, you start getting weird stuff; the dash bulbs were burning out, so I had to mix yellow and red glass paint and dip a bunch of those teensy grapeseed bulbs to make the right color (dealer wanted like $6 each). In typical Toyota fashion, it takes about three minutes to remove the instrument cluster and most of the dashboard pops out five minutes later without breaking anything. Try that in your old Chevy.
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