Sold 2002 GMC Sonoma ZR-2 in NH PRICE REDUCEDComplete

Discussion in 'Other' started by flexfoot, Aug 1, 2020.

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    Sep 7, 2006
    BFA01338-C347-4BFB-B517-D847BEDEBD12.jpeg F2D61EB8-4DBB-4A2A-8C4A-036F654B5092.jpeg D00CA910-D0F8-4F80-9990-E20265CC2B67.jpeg E24F83F2-F225-4094-AF21-68D4E56E69B3.jpeg CC19B13F-E57D-4373-8805-D6C4DB59E8AD.jpeg 90889D82-B7F0-4502-B5AA-95AB1ED5024F.jpeg CB598309-F5A3-4DB6-A491-29660A933D84.jpeg I have a 2 owner Sonoma 4x4 with ZR-2 option with 63,300 miles for sale in NH. Truck was purchased 5 years ago with 29,000 miles.

    Runs and looks 99% with absolutely no issues. It has been complexly gone thru - all new tires, calipers, brakes, cables, tune up , distributor, LED rear lights, premium remote starter and much more. Price is $7500 for a mint unit.

    Any questions, please PM me. Thanks and be safe out there!