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Sold 2003 Suzuki DR650 $3500 Santa Fe NM many mods and extras

Discussion in 'Bikes' started by _Harry_, May 17, 2021.

  1. _Harry_

    _Harry_ Redneck Emeritus Supporter

    Sep 20, 2006
    Not New, Not Mexico
    2003 DR650 in Santa Fe, "The Dirt Couch"



    This is not your Grandpa's DR650. It is set up for a long-legged rider of 200 lbs.
    • ~17K miles. I have the original speedometer in a box when I switched it out for a Vapor
    • KTM / WP USD fork conversion with HDB Handguards and Trailtech Vapor cockpit
    • Cogent shock rebuilt by Cogent <250 miles ago (200 lb. rider)
    • New chain and sprocket (14/43) <250 miles ago and fresh Rotella in the mill
    • Excel front rim and oversized rotor (runs Brembo master and caliper from KTM donor)
    • Full LED conversion including mini turn signals and DR350 taillight
    • Lithium battery
    • Spiegler custom brake lines
    • Acerbis 5 gallon tank
    • Skid plate & side cover armor
    • Mikuni TM40 pumper carb currently jetted for 7,000 feet (original BST in box)
    • GSXR Exhaust with USFS spark arrestor and opened airbox
    • Heated grips
    • Seat Concepts tall saddle
    • Procycle footpegs (slightly lower than stock)
    • Wolfman luggage and fender bag included
    • Neutral Start Switch fix
    • Comprehensive toolkit and small parts box, 2 extra air filters, filter socks, tubes, oil filters, spare clutch cable, and more
    I drank the Kool-Aid and between another new-to-me bike and a new house in the works, it's time to sell my beloved DR. As you can see from the list above it has had lots of work done to turn it into the ultimate forest road bomber.

    I kept all the cockpit parts from the front end swap and those come with the bike. When I did the USD conversion I made every attempt to "do no harm" with no major hacks, welding, cutting of wires etc. and the bike could, in theory, be converted back to its original form with no issues (why would you?)

    Price does NOT include the OEM forks, wheel, speedo drive and master cylinder but could be negotiated if you want them. It does, however, come with an extra set of WP USD forks for parts or to send off to be rebuilt/revalved to your liking and still ride the bike.

    The bike isn't pretty. It could use some new side covers. There's surface rust on the frame and subframe. The factory toolkit lug on the frame is long gone, as is the upper chain roller. It's taken plenty of dirt naps but always got back up. It's ready to go.

    I just replaced the petcock. The needle and seat may need refreshing in the carb. Every now and then it will drip a bit out of the overflow but it usually resolves itself (this is somewhat common with the TM40s).

    The only real issue is the current ignition switch location. It is located underneath the Vapor on the top triple and a pain in the ass to access. However, it retains the stock steering lock and security screws which was how I wanted it. The plan was to eventually build a rally cockpit and relocate the Vapor. Right now it just takes the right technique and a strong finger to cycle the ignition on/off and the key just lives in the switch. Since I never leave the bike in sketchy areas overnight and you still need to know the "secret handshake" I learned to live with it. But it could be a deal breaker for someone, so full disclosure on this one slightly annoying quirk. You could also just leave it on and set up another hidden kill switch somewhere if you liked.

    Cash preferred, PayPal will require the surcharge added. I don't really want to deal with shipping the bike. If you want it shipped it's up to you to make full arrangements and remember it comes with a large box of parts and extra forks.

    Email or PM with questions. More photos here: https://montycarlo.smugmug.com/DR650

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