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Sold 2004 DL-650 V-Strom $1,850 - San Diego Area

Discussion in 'Bikes' started by minerguy, Aug 21, 2021.

  1. minerguy

    minerguy n00b

    Mar 17, 2008
    San Diego
    Selling my 2004 DL-650 V-Strom with 82,400 miles in Santee California. I am the 2nd owner and bought it in 2008 with 5,000 miles on it. This bike had some dings when I got and has more now. It’s been on quite a few adventures and is tuned up for more. I have notes of when work has been done on it. Uses/loses some oil when riding. I haven’t been able to track that down and add more as needed. Includes:

    Locking side opening plastic cases. Cases and connections are from Caribou Cases

    Tank Bag

    Adjustable Heated Grips

    Shinko 705 Tires - rear has less than 1,000 miles on it. Front is good and comes with a spare front tire

    Center Stand

    Crash Bars and Bash Plate

    Locking Tool Tube

    Rear brake rotors and pads have less than 1,000 miles on them

    Lithium Battery and battery tender

    Highway pegs

    Throttle Lock

    New Seat Cover

    Bike Cover than can fit over panniers

    20210821_131900.jpg 20210821_131914.jpg 20210821_131944.jpg 20210821_132009.jpg 20210821_132424.jpg 20210821_132447.jpg 20210821_132524.jpg 20210821_132951.jpg
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