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For sale 2004 KLR650 with tons of upgrades -$2400

Discussion in 'Bikes' started by rewsiffer, Jul 12, 2021.

  1. rewsiffer

    rewsiffer n00b

    Jun 29, 2012
    Portland, OR
    For sale is my beloved 2004 KLR650 with 42500 miles. I love this bike, and she was my daily driver for years, but she hasn't gotten the attention she deserves the last couple years and I think it is time for her to find a new home. I put a TON of time and money into modding and maintaining her. As you can see from the pictures, she will win no beauty contests. I put most of my time into keeping her mechanically sound, but I think I was going for a mad max aesthetic :)

    If you know anything about KLRs, you know they are solid bikes that run forever. I wouldn't hesitate to take her on a cross-country road trip today, and I have no doubt she will make someone happy for many years to come. She runs great and is still a joy to ride.

    A couple years ago I removed the center stand, skid plate, and crash bars to lighten her up because I was doing more road riding. However, they are included and can easy be added again with a wrench. Also, I long ago removed the clutch and kickstand safety switches. I have have a bunch of gaskets and random KLR parts that are included.

    Located in Portland, Oregon. To test ride, bring a helmet, a license with a motorcycle endorsement, and $500 collateral. I must note that since I haven't ridden her much in the past couple years, I let the registration and insurance lapse. I've ridden her a few times in the past couple weeks and haven't had any trouble, but be aware.

    - Doohickey
    - Thermobob
    - Custom Made Winged Seat (amazingly comfy, multiple cross-country trips were no problem)
    - Pelican Case
    - EBC 320mm Front Brake Rotor
    - SV650 Dual Piston Front Brake Caliper
    - Stainless Steel Front Brake cable
    - IMS 6.6 Gallon Tank
    - Brand New Yuasa SLA Battery
    - Big Gun Exhaust
    - Prevailing Torque Countershaft Nut
    - 16 Tooth Front Sprocket
    - 43 Tooth Rear Sprocket
    - Progressive Fork Springs
    - Upgraded to Stiffer Rear Shock Spring, but I can find documentation on which one.
    - Aftermarket Foam Air Filter(not sure which one)
    - Aftermarket Foot Pegs
    - Japanese Vibration Isolated Mirrors
    - Tall Wind Screen
    - Non-vacuum Petcock
    - KLX Needle
    - 22 Cent Mod
    - Newish Shinko Tires with plenty of tread
    - Happy Trails Shift Lever
    - Stainless Steel Fuel Filter

    The Good
    - Everything above

    The Bad:
    - Rear brake is a little squeaky at low speeds, maybe need new pads?
    - Ever since I put on the Big Gun exhaust, there has been an intermittent popping from the exhaust during heavy engine braking(think, going down a hill). Forums say this isn't abnormal and is nothing to worry about, but I though I should mention it.
    - Mad Max Looks

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  2. rewsiffer

    rewsiffer n00b

    Jun 29, 2012
    Portland, OR
    Bump for price reduction to $2400
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