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For sale 2005 V-Strom 650 17,800 Miles Texas

Discussion in 'Bikes' started by Zapp22, May 20, 2021.

  1. Zapp22

    Zapp22 ZAPP - Tejas

    Oct 20, 2004
    Tejas Hill Country

    Sadly selling last bike. Won't be riding anymore. [famous last words...]

    2005 DL650, my second one [first was a 2004]. This is a super smooth-riding steed for long or short trips with low miles, always garaged, well cared-for, and I have stripped off most of the options [for sale here and elsewhere]. I listed it previously fully-dressed for long haul but people apparently don't want the gear so, here 'tis lightly customized.

    $2900 OBO

    The paint scheme was hatched around ADV and it gets a lot of looks. I cannot take credit for it as I bought it that way but it has been a conversation-starter ["Where can I buy that model?"].
    The extras are these:
    - Madstad-engineering fully adjustable Windshield-mount [a MUST have]
    - Givi tall Windshield 22.5" High, ~20" W
    - Fender Extender
    - Protaper SE ATV-Mid 7/8 Handlebar
    - Grip Puppies
    - Carbon-fiber styled Handguards
    - Custom Mirrors [light, low-buffeting, sit inside the profile of the bars so they don't get bashed]
    - Seat Concepts Touring Seat [magnificent - Kudos to SC]
    - Centech AP-2 Power Accessories Interconnect
    - Sidestand-switch defeat
    - Michelin Anakee tires [the BEST tires I've ever run - this is my second V-strom] with very low miles - something like 2400 miles or so - Balanced perfectly
    - Sonic Spring straight rate 1.0 springs; 10wt oil

    Freshly inspected and stickered here in Texas hill country

    I have lots of spare parts, fasteners, etc too much to list. If you think of something, ask

    It will be listed locally in all the usual placements.

    Nose-on-1.png Above-Shot-strip-tailpad.jpg Centech-AP2-2.png front-tire-hair-1.jpg hanguard-2.jpg Givi-windshield-2.jpg Madstad-2.jpg Right-front-strip1.jpg Seat-Concepts-strip-1.png Tail-shot-left-1.jpg
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  2. Zapp22

    Zapp22 ZAPP - Tejas

    Oct 20, 2004
    Tejas Hill Country
    Some numbers
    Givi windshield is worth ~90 USD - it is unscratched, no chips
    Madstad bracket is over $200 new... mint
    Seat Concepts $214 new - no rips/tears/abrasions/
    Soniic Springs 1.0 ~$100
    Centech AP-2 $50'ish
    Hanguards ~$30'ish

    My personal touch ~> 1 Bitcoin !!! $$

    And given the above, if one of you who understands what this bike is and you just want to do it all yourself, buy it stripped of ALL the above - lets talk. Bring your own seat and ride it home
  3. Zapp22

    Zapp22 ZAPP - Tejas

    Oct 20, 2004
    Tejas Hill Country
    SOLD! Congrats to the new owner. He got a great deal and a great riding machine