Sold 2006 KLX 250 Marietta, GA

Discussion in 'Bikes' started by TGOT, May 25, 2020.

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  1. TGOT

    TGOT n00b

    Feb 22, 2015
    Marietta, GA
    Up for sale is my 2006 Kawasaki KLX 250

    I've had it for 3 years now and it has proven to be a reliable and capable dual sport.

    Asking price is $2,600.00 cash.

    I've added a lot of new parts since I bought it and many new parts just in the last couple of months.

    So, here are the details:

    6270 miles

    Oil and filter changed in the spring and fall.

    Air filter cleaned regularly and includes a spare filter.

    Tires are in Moto Z Tractionator IT.

    Both tires are in great shape. The rear is about 70% tread remaining and the front is about 85%.

    Both wheels have Teflon rim liners, Motion Pro rim locks and Michelin Ultra Heavy-Duty tubes

    I've rejetted the carb and replaced the stock snorkel with a KDX220 model to open-up the breathing. It runs very well to redline and has great throttle response.

    Exhaust is stock.

    It has new springs front and rear for a 220lb rider. The valving is unmodified but adjusted for my weight and riding style.

    After I bought it 2016, I flushed the coolant replaced the thermostat (just to be sure, the wasn’t any problem I knew of) and the overflow reservoir as well as added Unabiker radiator guards. The fan works as it should, and the bike has never overheated.

    When I bought it, it had a Clarke gas tank, but eventually the tank started leaking where the gas taps screw into the bottom. So, now it has a new Clarke tank with new brass gas taps as well as a new petcock, fuel lines and in-line filter.

    Stock, the gearing is 14 x 42. I've changed it to 13 x 45 and it is much better in the woods with the lower gearing.

    Included with the bike are the stock sprockets and a x-ring chain. All in good condition.

    After one of the stock turn signals fell off, I replaced the front signals with LED models and replaced the rear turn signals and taillight with a LED taillight that has integrated turn signal. Also replaced the flasher unit with a LED compatible one and added diodes to the turn signal circuits to keep the dash indicator light working correctly.

    Also included in the purchase will be a set of Pirelli MT21 tires that are in good shape, the stock springs, the replaced plastics, the original turn signals and taillight as well as several other replaced parts.

    There probably are other things I missed, but that’s the bulk of it. In short, the bike has been looked after.

    ***** Test ride conditions: I’m glad to offer a test ride with the following conditions-
    · You’ll need to have proper gear. Boots, long pants, helmet, gloves, eye protection and preferably a riding jacket. But definitely some kind of upper body protection.
    · I’ll take a picture of your valid driver’s license with a motorcycle endorsement.
    · Asking price in my hand, in cash.

    ***** Covid 19 Precautions: I’m also glad to show the bike to anyone. However, I’m insisting on good practices related to coronavirus.
    · Everyone will be wearing proper coverings that cover the nose and mouth per CDC guidelines.
    · As much as possible, we’ll all keep a reasonable distance.
    · No physical contact.

    If you not OK with any of the above conditions, I respect your opinion and simply ask you not to consider purchasing this motorcycle.

    And now, back to business!

    Below are two lists. The first is of the items replaced since I bought the bike. And the second list is of items replaced just this year or as recently as this week.

    New Parts Since 2016 @ 4600 miles

    Used Left Pod Assembly

    Factory Right Pod assembly

    Front and rear sprockets. 13 tooth and 45 tooth

    X-Ring chain and master-link

    Front wheel bearings and seals

    Rear wheel bearings and seals

    Rear stainless brake line

    Front stainless brake like

    EBC brake pads front and rear

    Rebuilt rear brake master cylinder

    Spark plug



    Coolant overflow tank.


    Steering head bearings and seals

    Clarke 2.7-gallon tank with new factory gas taps

    Factory petcock

    New fuel lines with added in-line filter

    New LED front turn signals with diodes and LED flasher

    New LED rear brake light with integrated turn signals

    Kick stand switch

    New KX 125 front fender

    New fork seals and bushings

    Tour A Tech folding mirror

    Unabiker radiator guards

    USB/Battery Tender Port

    Brand, Brand New:

    Pro Taper CR Mid handlebars

    Scott grips

    Factory throttle tube

    Factory throttle cables

    Kick stand

    Factory clutch lever

    New front brake master cylinder

    New front stainless brake line – Spiegel

    New radiator plastic panels

    New side panels

    Tusk ½” bar risers

    New, spare KLX 300 clutch cable (thought it would be needed for bar risers, but was not)

    Plenty of additional pictures for the asking!

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  2. willfreely

    willfreely Elderly Belligerent

    Jan 15, 2013
    Eastern Middle Tenn
    How has your gearing change affected top speed? Like a lot of guys my age ( less than 10 in dog years) I am looking for something lighter. And while it is not a hwy cruiser, my primary use would be on road.
    Any trade interest?
  3. TGOT

    TGOT n00b

    Feb 22, 2015
    Marietta, GA
    It's not a highway bike by any means. Even with stock gearing, it's not fun at 60 mph plus. For around town, with street tires, stock gearing would be good.
    I lowered the gearing for the woods, to make 2nd and 3rd more tractable.

    Sorry, not interested in trades.
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