Sold 2006 Suzuki V-Strom 1000, adv loaded - upgraded electrics and werks clutch basket - Minneapolis, MN

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  1. ddegallier

    ddegallier Adventurer

    May 25, 2015
    Minneapolis, MN - USA
    Selling my V-Strom 1000, seen some awesome things with this bike and it has taught me a lot! I just don't ride it enough living in the city and am going to downsize to something smaller and lighter.

    The basics: 43,xxx miles, oil change at 43k, adv farkled to the gills, werks clutch basket fix and totally upgraded and replaced electrics/charging system.

    The good:
    • Fully farkled, luggage, lights, ergos, etc etc on this thing. Some done by the PO and the rest by me - not much else you could throw in this machine!
    • New chain, front and rear sprockets with only a few thousand on them.
    • The charging system has been replaced - poor design on these including the stator and rotor, and regulator rectifier. These have all been replaced and upgraded and have been incredible solid the last two seasons since having the work done.
    • This bike looks cool, sounds good, and still turns some heads. I designed the tank graphics and have a spare set of vinyl cuts too.
    • Lots of ergo parts like lowered/adv footpegs, adjustable screen, sargent seat, heated grips, etc.
    • Comes with a some stock and a couple spare parts (ie. full set of brake pads)
    • Relatively low miles for it's age
    • Very very clean bike, garage kept
    • Full list of parts/acc at the bottom of the post.
    The so-so:
    • Has some adventure scars, left side crash bar/fairing has scratches, left pannier has scratches
    • Tires (Mitas E-07) have some (?) life left and are three years old, could do a couple more K on them.
    Accessories and Parts Cost Spent: TOTAL $3,627.00
    50% Parts Cost $1,813.50
    NADA Guide Average Retail $3,845.00
    $5,658.50 Total Value

    I'd take $4,850 considering it has some adv wear on it, and needs tires pretty soon.
    Located in Minneapolis, MN


    Full Parts List:
    • Accessories
    • Solobox Panniers and top box, locking
    • Rear luggage rack
    • DirtRacks side racks
    • Aprillia Mirrors and extenders
    • Ram holder
    • 1in bar risers
    • LED headlights, matching color temp to denalis aux lights
    • 12v custom dash with USB and volt meter
    • Bike cover
    • Sargent Seat
    • Denali d2 lights, integrated with high beams
    • SW motech quick release tank bag and ring
    • Crash guards
    • Skid plate
    • Adv pegs
    • Throttle lock
    • Bark Buster's
    • Cee Bailey tall screen
    • Madstad screen bracket
    • Power commander
    • Heated grips
    • Fuse block for accessories
    • Upgraded horn, sound bomb?
    • SW Motech Centerstand
    • K&N air filter
    • AdventureTech Parts
    • Side stand enlarger
    • Fork brace
    • Footpeg lowering kit
    • Over the dash ram mount
    • Speedo Dr - uninstalled
    • Spares/stock
    • New brake pads - uninstalled
    • Stock Tool kit and printed manual
    • Stock plastic belly plate
    • Stock Mirrors
    • Extra oil filter
    • Stock (burnt) stator
    • Stock regulator/rectifier. Still works, just upgraded to be safe
    • Spare stock regulator rectifier
    • Spare throttle cable, nuts and bolts
    • Maintenance/Upgrades
    • New chain and sprockets
    • Werks clutch basket
    • New hp stator, rotor/magnets,
    • Newish battery
    • Upgraded series regulator/rectifier

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  2. ddegallier

    ddegallier Adventurer

    May 25, 2015
    Minneapolis, MN - USA
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