2007 Sheetiron 300 Dualsport,May 19-20

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    The 650...handled...me. And, occasionally, in moments of glory, I handled it. This bike is 6 months new to me, and I am learning more about riding a heavy bike off-road every time I go out. Learned a lot last weekend. I look forward to a class on how to really ride a heavy machine off-road. Until then, look for me using brute force to go where I want to go!

    Yup, we were next door to you, and John wiped down your seat. Next time we will be better rested and have more energy to say hi!
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    It's cool, man. You'll give the XR riders a reason to carry a tool kit! :D
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    Pissing in your Kampfire


    This guy didn't think you were nuts at all.:D
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    Vancouver, eh!

    Dead Zone June 30th

    Routledge Run July 21-22

    Loose Screw August 18th

    C'mon up north, the snow's almost gone!
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    Hi all the riders who went to Sheetiron!:clap

    Did you get a chance to check out the old photos that the OMC hung from the easyups? The photos were of the Sheetiron Mountain run from 1956 and there were at least two OMC members at the dual sport rally who were in thos photos. You know that guy who is always in the front of the line next to the peanuts? That was Mark Norris in his orange OMC t-shirt and he was in the photo of the 1950's riders having their picnic lunch after a day of racing up Sheetiron mountain old-school-style using their modified, heavy street bikes. Ask him about that next time you are in line.

    I was the one took the digital photos and I need to let the early riders know that I was not sure about the memory space and the battery time on the camera I was borrowing so I went sparringly on the photos for you. :cry The later riders had more shots because I had more battery than expected. they also had better lighting on their faces in the afternoon sun. :1drink You'll notice that some of the faces are dark. Well, It's really hard to get the white background banner in the picture and control the exposure on the darker parts of the picture. If anyone who is a pro at this would like to give me tips on how to fix the camera to get the exposure right, please let me know via a private email.:wink:

    You can access the photos on smugmug by visiting our www.oaklandmc.org site and hit the photos link and after that, you can check out our next event like for our "Three Bridge Run" for you street riders. The few later arrival riders are on another camera and I'll work on getting those shots in the same file later in the week. I have saved pictures from smugmug by clicking on the largest file setting for the particular picture and then right-clicking to "save picture as" to my computer files. Just remember where you saved it to on your computer. :eek1 :D

    We would like to thank all the riders who came to our fundraiser event and hope that you had a good time. Would you like to give feedback? We want your positive feedback and suggestions for making it better. Please email us on our site with your suggestions.