Sold 2008 KTM 690 Enduro Adventure/Rally Build $7500 Located In Duluth, MN

Discussion in 'Bikes' started by wileskws, Jun 30, 2020.

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    May 11, 2010
    If you are looking at this bike, then you know that these bikes are awesome. It is truly one of a kind and can handle pretty much anything you can throw at it. You want to ride around the world? No Problem. You want to ride the Continental Divide Ride or the TAT? Do it. You want to hit some singletrack with your friends on their dirt bikes? It'll be a bit slower than them, but it will do it no problem.

    I built this bike to do the Continental Divide Ride with my Dad. I would not hesitate to jump on this bike tomorrow and do it all again. This thing is an absolute riot offroad, and very well mannered on road. This thing has been gone through heavily and upgraded/ maintained. Many new parts, and many, many mods. The miles are sitting at 26,673.

    Here is the list of add-ons/ mods (and their cost):
    Konflict KM3 Fork and Rear Shock Revalve, Setup for a 200lb rider + gear ($1000+)
    Dottori Rally Fairing ($625)
    Safari Tank ($700)
    Rottweiler Intake ($349)
    Rally Raid Rear Brake Pedal ($165)
    Cyclops LED Headlight Bulb (Very Bright compared to stock) ($100)
    Scott's Stabilizer with BRP Sub Mount ($724)
    Vanasche Billet Case Saver ($99)
    Large Kickstand Foot ($49)
    Steg Pegz ($177)
    KTM Radiator Guards ($150)
    Cyclops TPMS ($130)
    Seat Concepts Seat ($300)
    Leo Vince Slip on ($400)
    Trailjammer Designs Clutch and Stator Case Covers ($120)
    USB Power Outlet ($30)
    Luggage Racks ($375)
    Giant Loop Round the World Pannier bags with quick release mounts ($831)
    Rally Raid Manual Cam Chain Tensioner ($80)
    Garmin Montana 680t and Powered Mount ($600)
    Rally Moto Shop Universal Navigation Clamps ($120)
    Thermostat Switch Upgrade ($69)
    Upgraded Tank and Subframe bolts ($62)
    Doubletake Ram Mount Mirrors ($120)
    Flatland Racing Skid Plate ($180)
    Fully Custom Graphics from M7 Designs (Roughly $500)
    New Rocker arms about 5000 Miles ago ($189) and will include a spare set.
    Kickstand Sensor Bypassed
    Goldentyre GT723 Tires, solid amount of life left in them, and comes with an extra set
    New Fuel Injector about 5000 miles ago, will include spare fuel injector ($140)
    New CA Cycleworks Fuel Pump ($178) about 5000 miles ago, will include a spare.

    Roughly $8500 in upgrades here. The list goes on....I know for sure there are things I am forgetting. I can include the pieces and parts to put it back to stock trim (I have no idea why you would ever want to degrade this bike by doing so haha).

    This bike is ready to go. Come and get it. I might cry when you drive away with it, but I genuinely hope it goes to a good home.

    I am only selling because my affections have shifted to other 2 wheeled pursuits.



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