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Gone 2008 XR650L -- Supermoto + Enduro setup + built motor.

Discussion in 'Bikes' started by buzzword, Nov 27, 2019.


Would you rather...

  1. Fly to SF, eat a delicious burrito, and then ride this thing home

    5 vote(s)
  2. Pay someone to ship it to you on the other side of Kansas

    2 vote(s)
  3. Yes to both?

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  1. buzzword

    buzzword Been here awhile

    Sep 24, 2015
    SF CA

    XRL REAR RIGHT 1.jpg

    Just bought another bike, so the boss says this one has to go. Since owning this bike for ~2 years, I've gone through and replaced nearly every fastener and wear item. Here's a breakdown of all the goodies and upgrades, and please note - I am not interested in parting anything out:
    • Frame and swingarm powdercoated gloss black, along with all the various bracketry + frame guard + so forth
    • Recent (<5k miles) full engine teardown and rebuild by my sorta-neighbor, Steve the XRL Whisperer. He gets $2,350 for an engine without the big fin head, and it's worth every penny. This one got a 103mm 10.5:1 JE piston, cylinder hone, all new bearings, new cam chain, fresh valve job, NX650 2nd and 5th gear swap (a MUST on these bikes!), and a big fin head! Runs great on 91 octane garbage California gas. If you search XR650L here, you'll probably see his engines posted from time to time, as well as his myriad of helpful threads and posts.
      • Top end machine work completed by Mike @ Engine Dynamics, engine expertly assembled by Steve.
      • Cases painted, both engine covers + rocker cover powdercoated semi-gloss wrinkle black
      • Fully polished stainless allen head bolt kit
      • XR's Only red anodized sprocket cover / case saver
      • XR's Only red anodized stator cover plug
      • XR's Only thermometer dipstick
      • Cycle Wizard red anodized extended/finned rocker caps
      • BRAND NEW Keihin FCR-MX 41 carburetor w/Noss Machine adapter + perfect XRL jetting (installed very recently)
      • XR's Only stainless header + full exhaust
      • MSR shift lever
    • Sutton Cycle Works black ano oil cooler - probably overkill in San Francisco proper, but crucial for highway runs to keep oil temps down on an air-cooled bike.
      • Lowered highway oil temp significantly the few times I rode it on the freeway once installed
    • Excel Takasago 17" supermoto wheelset built on stock XRL hubs w/ new bearings -- 3k miles on this setup!
      • Silver 17x4.25 rear, 17x3.5 front rims
      • Stainless Buchanan's spokes
      • Wrapped in Michelin Pilot Power 2CT tires (150/60R17 rear, 120/70R17 front)
      • EBC 320mm supermoto front rotor w/ caliper adaptor
      • Emig conversion axle - allows use of CRF forks w/XRL front hub
      • 220mm vented rear brake disc - no name
      • Dirt Tricks rear 39T sprocket.
      • DID ERT2 x-ring 520 chain
      • Cycle Wizard red anodized chain adjuster snails
      • XR's Only red anodized Ultimate Shark Fin disc guard.
      • XR650R front sprocket - wider to save the countershaft
      • NOTES:
        • Side stand has been shortened to compensate for the bike being slightly lower with this wheelset installed
        • Replaced speedo drive with one from a CRF230M so speedo reads accurately w/17" wheels
    • CRF450R fork swap with recent seals, bushings, and oil refresh
      • RSW Racing black anodized triple clamps + 3" risers
    • Pro Taper CR High 1-1/8 bars
      • Scott's Steering Damper + RSW Racing sub mount kit
      • 2015 CRF450R front master cylinder + caliper
      • Works Connection black brake reservoir cover
      • Galfer black stainless brake hose
      • Pro Taper Profile adjustable brake lever
      • Pro Taper Profile ball bearing clutch lever
      • Cycra Probend black anodized handguards + white low profile shields
      • Sicass Racing left-side underbar mirror.
    • 2015 CRF450 rear master cylinder
      • Upgraded so I could remove stock remote reservoir
      • Works Connection black brake reservoir cover
      • Galfer stainless rear brake line
    • Renazco Racing seat - Black suede top, red top-grain leather sides. Wider, and 1" taller than stock, but not any softer than stock
      • Foam is quite firm, but very comfortable due to the improved shape
    • All new plastics, including a rear CRF250 fender conversion + Acerbis supermoto front fender.
      • Acerbis under-fender taillight / plate mount
      • Might have stock plastics in the garage still, but don't place any bets on this info...
    • IMS 4.7 gallon fuel tank in a lovely shade of red
    • Ignitech programmable CDI
    • Extreme Dual Sport LED turn signals w/unbreakable spring stalks - also has a solid state flasher relay
    • ADVMonster LED headlight - fits into stock H4 housing but provides a MUCH better pattern and more efficient lighting
    • Antigravity ATZ-10-RS Lithium RE-START Battery - brand new as of ~1 month ago.
    • XR's Only polished stainless foot pegs
    Uninstalled Parts
    • Black Excel Takasago 18" rear and 21" front on stock black powdercoated XRL hubs
      • Stainless Buchanan's spokes
      • 47T Dirt Tricks sprocket with <500 miles on it
      • No tires or tubes
      • Powdercoat is flaking off of hubs, but they still run straight and true on good bearings
      • They've been in dry storage ever since I built the supermoto setup
      • Also have the stock speedo drive in case you want to run these wheels instead
    • XR's Only Heavy Duty Skidplate - recently powdercoated silver vein and never re-installed.
    • Motion Pro extended clutch cable - brand new, uninstalled.
      • Gets the cable past the big fins on the head, and gives enough slack to account for handlebar risers
    • EBC clutch plates (CK1170). Not to worry, this is just a spare set - clutch in the bike is fine
    Relatively firm on price, but let me know what you have in mind offer-wise via PM. Bike has ~21k miles on the chassis, but as previously stated, it received a full teardown/rebuild + powdercoat with all new bearings and so forth <5k miles ago. For all intents and purposes, it's a pretty new bike that has been meticulously maintained.

    Fair warning: if you send me an insultingly low offer, I won't respond kindly. Please keep pricing comments or feedback - which I will take seriously - to PMs rather than clogging this thread.

    Standard info: Come ride it if you like, but I'll need to see your M1 license (or non-CA equivalent) and hold all the cash in my grubby paw while you do so. Clean CA title in my name, ready for your perusal. No, I won't give you a discount because you don't want the 2nd set of wheels. They go with the bike, and I don't have time to try and sell a wheelset later.

    Payment accepted: Cash with two forms of ID, or verified PayPal if you want to send me a deposit + pay the rest in cash. If you're hoping to have it shipped, it is on you entirely to work out the logistics. And finally, here's some more pics:

    XRL FRONT 1.jpg

    XRL FRONT LEFT 1.jpg
    XRL LEFT 1.jpg
    XRL REAR 1.jpg
    XRL REAR LEFT 1.jpg
    XRL REAR RIGHT 1.jpg
    XRL RIGHT 1.png
    XRL RIGHT 2.jpg

    I'll miss her when she's gone!
  2. thelastfoiter

    thelastfoiter I like the gear as much as the motorcycles...

    Aug 5, 2017
    Camano Island
    Did you add the oil cooler before or after the big fin head, and why do both? What where your temps? AMAZING bike btw
  3. buzzword

    buzzword Been here awhile

    Sep 24, 2015
    SF CA
    After - bike came to me with the big fin head + motor work done, so I never saw the pre-install oil temps. It would get up to 270/280F on the freeway before the oil cooler, and I've never seen it go over 230 since I installed the cooler. There's a lot of factors that could also be involved, re: ambient temps, sitting in traffic, etc etc. but the oil temp as measured at the dipstick has been consistently lower since I installed it.

    Edit: Why do both? Insurance, essentially. By all reports, the Sutton cooler was the best option, and for a time, I was riding with some frequency on the freeway, though never for more than 90 minutes at a time. Seeing 270 made me nervous, even though its below the temp at which most quality oils will shear and lose their lubricity.
    thelastfoiter likes this.
  4. ColorItBlue

    ColorItBlue Been here awhile

    Jul 30, 2008
    Way Northern Baja
    I know bike is parked at down angle in the driveway area so bar height looks to match seat height. Any chance of pic showing bike on level ground and/or with rider on board to see peg-to-seat-to-ground dimensions?
  5. buzzword

    buzzword Been here awhile

    Sep 24, 2015
    SF CA
    Sure thing - I will take care of that tomorrow when it's light out if it's not sold by then, and take relevant measurements as well.


    SOLD - mods please delete.
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