2009 990 Adv stalling/fueling issues etc...

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  1. jeremyk

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    Aug 28, 2008
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    I can see a couple problems with bypassing the clutch switch. Tricking the ECU into thinking the clutch is "in" might fix the 5000 RPM stall problem, but I would think it might cause a stalling problem at idle. The reason is because when the clutch is "out" the ECU likely increases the RPM to compensate for load caused by drag of the clutch transmission assembly. I know for a fact that my Hayabusa ECU compensates for neutral and clutch in/out, adjusting idle speed accordingly.

    I experienced my first stalls this weekend on my new 2007. First stall occurred with only 350 miles on the odometer. Guess I'm officially a KTM 990 owner now.
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    Feb 21, 2008
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    I was riding in 2nd gear at around 3000 rpm tonight and engine stalled, I pulled to the side, tried to restart and it didn't, turned off ignition.
    After, I turned ignition on and noticed that gasoline was coming out under pressure by the clear hose beside the shifter :confused
    Is it canister related ?
    The bike has been running perfect and now has only 1700 miles
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    2009 990 ADV R, a little over 400 miles, cannister and SAS delete, 2 into 1 with a Remus can, stock map.

    Overall fueling seems fairly good. A little jerky coming off idle sometimes, or at steady throttle at low RPMs, but nothing too bad. Sort of like having a team of cheetahs on crystal meth pulling a toy wagon; things aren't the smoothest until they hit their stride, then hold on Mama! :lol3

    Occasionally hard to start, especially when it's been ridden then sits for an hour or two. Often starts then goes into low sputtering idle before it dies. It can do that several times before it catches long enough to feed in some throttle. It seems like if I turn the ignition off and back on before the next attempt, it starts and idles higher and keeps running without a problem, but I just figured that out and haven't tried it enough to be sure.

    No issues with the stalling others have reported. Seven times on the ride home from work yesterday I cruised at 5k, then chopped the throttle and pulled in the clutch. It never stalled or stuttered just dropped to a good stable idle each time.