2009 F650GS (800 Twin obviously) stalling issues

Discussion in 'Parallel Universe' started by DiabloBlanco, Apr 14, 2016.

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    @sunquest2 you pull the clutch and the RPM drop like a rock and off it is? Any weirdedness on idle, dropping severly below idle RPM and recovering when blipping to downshift?

    While you rode way too many miles for that to be it, what I ask above is how my F700GS behaves, including stalls when I pull in the clutch at speed, when I have reset AFR adaption, which also resets idle control adaptation, WITHOUT letting it idle until fan turns on afterwards to let it relearn how to idle, a step you can't cut short, if you don't let it learn until fan turns on, you'll find you have idle issues at higher temps you didn't notice at normal operating temps.

    So while your miles seem too high to be a "oh yeah it never learned to idle", consider this post as "just in case" and maybe it'll help someone else some day, when I don't let it learn to idle it doesn't seem to ever learn it, until I let it idle from cold to fan on, (no touching the throttle the entire time)


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    Fuel filter, :dunno