2009 F650GS twin versus a boxer twin

Discussion in 'Parallel Universe' started by Richard Ray, Nov 19, 2008.

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    Has she considered the F800r?
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    Sep 15, 2010
    The G650GS (I'll call the single by its new name) and F658GS twin are interesting to compare. On paper, if you didn't look at the engine configuration, they're somewhat similar: Weight, suspension travel, equipment (e.g., single front disc with ABS) are similar (you probably can't find a F658GS in the US without the "standard package", which includes ABS). I can see how the F658GS was supposed to be a replacement for the old 650GS single.

    However, as you'd expect, the twin engine makes a world of difference. I rode the bikes back to back twice and my impression is that unless you need the shorter seat height (2") or dont want to spend the extra $3k, the twin is a much better experience. Yes, the single engine is good for a single (ride it back-to-back with a KLR), but it's still a single.

    Roy asked about hot air from the radiator on the F658GS, and I've felt some on the left leg/knee area before, but not a lot and not all the time.

    Note: BMW has been running some promos on 2009/2010 G650GS models - IIRC, up to $1500 in credit for BMW-brand farkle, which would go a long way to outfitting the bike and new rider. If it fits you, I think it's a great bike unless the vibration is going to bother you, in which case, I'm sure the dealer will happily sell you a twin. :rofl

    Down sides of the F658GS are well chronicled on the board: Tall first gear, short windscreen (easily fixed), torture device seat (easily fixed) and less offroad prowess than the F800GS (not easily fixed).

    The F800R adds something new to the mix. Looks like a better direct competitor to the Versys and WeeStrom than the F658GS. If you had no intention of going off-road, this might be a good option.
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    :norton I am 5'3" and 62 years old. I have an F650 Twin with 21000 miles on it. It keeps up with the R1200GS fine. Last year I had a R1200R low. I put 5000 miles on it, but I was using it on gravel roads and such. The first 10 R1200GS the dealer got was a low one. So I traded the R in. I now have 17000 miles on it. GS's are just so much fun. The R1200's are just better bikes than the F's. Not much through. Also you did not mention the F800R. They look pretty nice!
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    just purchased a new f650gs for my wife it has low suspension and low seat, she is comfortable riding at higher speeds keeps up with my 1200gs just fine, looking forward to some long trips this summer