Sold 2009 KLR650 $3,200

Discussion in 'Bikes' started by bagn1t, Jul 2, 2020.

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  1. bagn1t

    bagn1t n00b

    Sep 20, 2013
    VIN: JKAKLEE1X9DA27997
    odometer: 26510
    Located in Blacksburg, VA

    I'm selling my 2009 Kawasaki KLR 650. VA state inspection good through 06/2021. It has 26,510 miles on it as of 06/09/20 but I plan to keep riding it some so that will probably go up. I'm the second owner and I bought it with high hopes of all kinds of off road adventures...but it has been on pavement the majority of its life. I've only had it "off road" a couple of times and those were really just dirt/gravel roads. Haven't taken it on any trails. I'm selling it to get more of a touring bike that fits be a bit better.

    It isn't perfect...has some scratches here and there as you would expect on an 11 year old bike. With the exception of a dead battery once, it has started every time and has run great the whole time I've had it. The only thing "wrong" with it is the skid plate has some cracks in it.

    I have a clean/clear title in hand. Cash in person sale only. No trades. I don't need help selling, I won't ship the bike. No test rides unless you have cash in hand and a valid motorcycle license.

    Valve adjustment, spark plug, coolant flush, front brake caliper and master cylinder rebuilds, new front brake line at 26,000 miles.
    Chain and both sprockets have been replaced, I just can't seem to find records as to when.
    Only approximately 400 miles on front tire, 1500 miles on rear.
    Oil & filter changes every 2500-3000 miles.

    Dirtracks pannier mounting rack
    Plano pannier boxes (two sets, one smaller and one larger)
    Double take enduro mirrors mounted with extended RAM arms
    Happy Trail Rallye Windscreen riser with custom dash
    Eagle Mike fork brace
    SS front brake line
    Low profile oil drain plug
    Happy Trail WOW LED taillight kit
    LED dash lights
    UNI air filter

    Spare parts that will come with the bike-
    Front inner tube
    Rear inner tube
    Stock mirrors
    Uni air filter
    Clutch cable
    Pull throttle cable
    Speedo cable
    Stock oil drain plug
    Oil drain plug crush washers
    Oil filter
    Eagle Mike doohickey (balancer adjustment lever), associated gaskets, and tools. Purchased a while back, just haven't installed.
    Eagle Mike drill through subframe kit. Also purchased a while back and just not installed.
    Eagle Mike Quick Jack
    Valve shim kit P4021156.JPG P4021158.JPG P4021154.JPG P4021157.JPG P4021165.JPG P4021155.JPG P4021159.JPG
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  2. bagn1t

    bagn1t n00b

    Sep 20, 2013
    Still for sale
  3. bagn1t

    bagn1t n00b

    Sep 20, 2013
    Still available
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