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Sold 2009 Suzuki DR650 in SF Bay Area. $3300

Discussion in 'Bikes' started by hassonater, Dec 26, 2020.

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  1. hassonater

    hassonater n00b

    Apr 4, 2017
    The time has come to sell my DR650. I bought this bike last February specifically with plans of fully kitting it out to do the Trans-America Trail (if you don't know what this is and are stoked on bike trips, look it up!), but then the pandemic happened and traveling felt too irresponsible so I called the trip off. That said, the bike is ready for a cross-country trip tomorrow. I only put ~1500 miles on it, almost all slow cruises down dirt roads in Colorado and the Tahoe area, and it had zero issues. I bought it from an inmate in Colorado who kept absolutely meticulous service records and sold it to thin his herd of ~8? similar bikes. My new apartment doesn't have space for motorcycles to park so unfortunately it has to go.

    So, the details. Touring/comfort upgrades are as follows:
    - Sargent seat
    - IMS 5 gallon tank
    - 2 extra lights
    - Heated grips
    - Acerbis front fender -- doesn't catch wind at speed like the stock one does.
    - Custom removable windshield -- keeps wind off your chest, really nice when it's cold.
    - Custom dash switches to turn headlight on/off and heated grips on/off (by previous owner)
    - RAM phone holder mounted to handlebars
    - USB ports: one under gas tank for a heated vest, one in dash for your phone. The dash one hasn't been working so I've been using the under tank one for my phone on longer rides.
    - 2" handlebar risers
    - Acerbis barkbusters
    - Aluminum skid plate
    - Luggage rack
    - DR350 taillight/fender eliminator -- license plate screws straight into the rear fender.
    - Custom PVC tool tube

    Other stuff since I bought it:
    - Full post-purchase inspection by Apex Sports in Colorado Springs (Feb. 2020) including all wear items, valve clearances, etc.
    - Oil change at 20k miles
    - New cush drive bearings/rubber (upgraded red PU from Procycle) approx. 300 miles ago
    - New battery approx. 500 miles ago -- accidentally knocked the heated grip switch on and killed the old one
    - Regular chain maintenance, air filter cleanings after particularly dusty rides, etc.

    Things it'll need soon:
    - Rear turn signals are burnt out. Cheap fix but I haven't bothered yet. They're mounted on rubber so that they're harder to break off if you're riding in tight trees/drop the bike.
    - Rear sprocket is getting worn and could stand to be replaced soon.

    This bike has obviously been ridden as intended for a 650cc dual sport -- mostly dirt, mostly not singletrack. If interested, I have some ADV riding gear to fit a ~6' person -- Bell MX9 ADV helmet, Klim Dakar pants, O'neal MX boots, O'neal ADV jacket -- and would consider selling that with the bike if interested. The mileage may increase as I still ride it from time to time. Text for fastest response! (415) 250-1799
  2. hassonater

    hassonater n00b

    Apr 4, 2017
    Photos attached to this reply.

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