2009 Vstrom 650 ABS Fully Farkled in Seattle

Discussion in 'Bikes' started by spencerhmoore, Nov 4, 2019.

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    Sep 17, 2014
    Fully-farkled, comfortable, capable, two-owner V-Strom 650. This is a bike that's ready for more adventures, on road or off. It comes with lots of aftermarket add-ons, including:

    * Large, high-capacity aluminum panniers from Happy Trail. These will take all your gear and a lot of abuse without complaining.
    * Large, high-capacity top box (Bestem) with integrated tail light and brake lights
    * Wilburs adjustable rear shock, recently rebuilt (way better than stock}
    * Custom tool / fuel tube
    * Battery tender cable
    * Seat Concepts seat
    * Engine guards
    * Aluminum skid plate (not shown in pictures)
    * Tank bag (worn but still serviceable)
    * Centech AP-2 dual fuse panel - both switched and unswitched circuits
    * Upgraded front brakes - two quad-piston calipers on the front
    * Upgraded steel front brake lines - this bike stops in a hurry
    * Modulating headlights for safety and visibility
    * LED spots mounted on the front fender - quite bright
    * California Scientific tall windshield - great wind protection
    * Madstad adjustable windshield mount - allows windshield to tilt, raise and lower (manual)
    * Aftermarket mirrors to reduce head buffeting
    * Large D-Flex hand guards, great wind protection for your hands and crash protection for your levers
    * Oxford heated grips
    * ABS cutoff switch (for off-road action)
    * Probably other stuff I've forgotten

    The bike is mechanically sound - engine, brakes, electrics, storage, mechanicals all work. It will take you on any adventure you can dream up. It can take camping gear for two with two people aboard; it could easily go to Alaska or Mexico again. The custom rear shock lets you really load it up, but then make it comfortable for one-up commuting. Michelin Pilot Road 2 tires have plenty of wear remaining.

    Incredibly flexible bike, it's really the SUV of motorcycles. You can do the weekly grocery shopping for the whole family with it if you like, then head to the mountains.

    The bike is no garage queen - the original owner and I rode this thing from Canada to Mexico and beyond, on roads, gravel and trails. It shows its age and use with scratched and banged-up plastics and panniers. Beyond adventures, this bike has always been stored indoors, so not much rust or corrosion despite her age and experience. Both the original owner and I were/are Team Oregon motorcycle safety instructors, definitely not hooligans.

    Asking $3000 obo.

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