2010 990R with throttle issues

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    Jan 13, 2010
    I've a 2006 LC4E which I though I had enough problems so the universe would let me leave happy forever with my 2010 LC8 R. But after five years, it turns out this wouldn't be the case.

    990R has 82K on the clock, second owner, always serviced on time, never touched to ground. Fuel Filter/Water pump stuff all done on time. back in time I had some overheating in off road (red blinks) and I rode in redline for a while to keep up with faster bikes.

    Air Filter is stock, uni pre filter + wings exhaust with Akro map are on.

    About 3 months ago it started to stall when I shift down to 2nd and open the throttle. No big issue though, never been a smooth mule on low revs. It was popping more than usual when I shift down and also somewhat the smell of gas increased thru exhausts.

    About 1.5 months ago it started rev up himself. Out of blue it started go at 4k RPM, to fix I had to turn off and on again.

    I had it serviced at local official KTM service where they said there are no error codes and they didn't observe the same behavior, still may TPS was a bit off, fixed. During this work, they toasted my EFI unit while trying to map to latest via their official greatest software. Replaced it with a used one from 2008 (I believe), stating that 2008 has no immobilizer thus my imo light would constantly blink, but no problems.

    Nothing fixed though.

    I had to travel to Greece that week, drove to there (around 450km) at after 300kms it started light up UP and die out of blue again. At around 140 km/h on 6th gear, while I was changing nothing it started to do that. To switch off the FI I had to turn ignition on and off many many times then I may go for another 10 kms before it dies again.

    KTM Service at Kavala had it for three days and again said that he didn't observe any problem, but when I insist he said I have to replace full throttle body at once. aka 1000 euros. He tuned TPS again and removed secondary valves.

    Still I could make my way back to home (Istanbul) and left the bike at KTM service again and this time they also observed the problem. Later they said my TPS is dead and replaced it with a new one. So I was good to go.

    No, of course.
    Now I have new problem, earlier ones seem to be gone. Especially on second gear but also on 3rd gear, If I open throttle for hard acceleration (not for a wheelie but to pas the car in front), FI lights up, it again stalls and dies. After a while due to momentum and I keep the throttle open starts by itself.

    Even it not dies, it doesn't behave similar on 2nd 3rd gear each time. Sometimes its good and sharp, and most of the time its bogged, as if I stuck something to block exhaust.

    Only error code I have now via TuneECU is P0113

    Any ideas/suggestions about my problem ?

    some said fuel pump might be faulty and bad on pressure which would give no error code (?)
    others said 2008 EFI, thus IMO is creating the problem and cutting of the bike.
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    Removing secondary valves in my experience causes stumbling if giving it a handfull of throttle.

    Had other issues also so entirely sure about full cause of the stumble I had.

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    Jul 7, 2016
    if i recall correctly 2008 has different cam and map specification compared to 2009 and on.

    are you positive they used a good map? something compatible?? i think it can be made towork by manually copying the values from a 2009 map to the 2008 table in tuneecu. but have they done it? do you have tuneecu and can you read up what map do you have?