2011 Tobacco Days Motorcycle Show- Southern WI

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    We are having our second annual Tobacco Days Motorcycle Show in Edgerton Wisconsin (about half an hour south of Aztalan Cycle Club, and half an hour south of Madison Wisconsin) on July 16th (this is the same day as short track racing at Aztalan. Show ends at 2:30 giving racers plenty of time to get to the track to race). We do this all for local charities (Local Veterans organizations, High School Scholarships, local food pantry and other community causes).

    Here's our Blogspot:

    Here's our FaceBook page as well:

    There is a great car/truck show going on the same day nearby. Last year there were over 300 old cars/trucks!

    In the upper right hand corner there is a picture of this years flier. If you click on it, you can then view it, download and print it out if so desired.

    We had a great show last year with 45 bikes attending. Surprising, there was as many old Brit bikes there as Harleys.

    We currently have two Competition classes (early and late). We are however wanting to expand on these. Contacted Aztalan a few weeks ago and hopefully we get some short track bikes coming out.

    There were Maico's, Husky, CZ and a few mid 70's YZ's were there as well last year. A 1947 Indian won best of show......great looking bike.

    Anyways, if any of you are in the area.....please join us. Trophies are custom made, we have really great looking event t-shirts, there's even a Youth Class for kids 15 and under. Had 10 kids show up last year. Nothing like involving the next generation!

    Take a look at the blog and contact me with questions or comments.

    Thanks for looking.

    - Tim
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    See ya there on my T. Tim