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For sale 2012 WR250R - ATL, GA

Discussion in 'Bikes' started by desabrir, Jul 31, 2021.

  1. desabrir

    desabrir Adventurer

    Mar 10, 2016
    Atlanta, GA
    Hey Inmates,

    Due to personal reasons, I am finding it necessary to sell off things that aren't needed.

    For sale is my 2012 WR250R. I am the second owner and bought it with about ~300 miles on it. The first owner is someone that I still work with. It now has ~4400 miles on it, but actually has less by roughly 5-10% due to change of gearing. I didn't get the Speedo-drd because i didn't have any intention of selling.

    It's spent it's life covered and protected from the elements. This doesn't mean it's a garage queen, because I still rode her. I rode it around town, at Durhamtown, and on adventure trips around GA. It's been on the GA Traverse, Smokey Mtn 500, portion of the trail that encircles GA (from ATL to FL and back), Forest service roads in NGA, and side trails I happened along.

    No leaks, starts first time, runs great, and ready to hit the trails. It's been adult ridden, never raced, but has been laid down multiple times on the trials but no damage. I rode it to have fun and have adventures and it has done that.

    Price is $5500.

    The bike is currently with my best friend in Jasper, GA. I will be there to do the sale, but I live in Atlanta which is about 1.5 hours south.

    Upgrades that effect it's price:
    • Go-Race Full Monty done by Travis
    • Yoshi pipe
    • Fuel Controller
    • 3.0 G. IMS tank
    The Go-Race suspension mod really made the bike feel like a new moto. It hugged the trails and gave me the confidence to really ride. The stock suspension felt like it wanted to throw me over the handle bars and wasn't pleasant. Hands down the best thing I've done.

    Everything else is just farkle:
    • Renthal Henry/Reed fat bars
    • Righteous Stunt Metel Full length ball bearing clutch lever (feels like hydraulic) - 2018
    • Zeta fork mounts for handguards
    • Dirt Tricks 48t rear sprocket (stock front) - 2019
    • Primary Drive 520 ORH Gold X-Ring Chain - 2019
    • 12v handlebar plug
    • Flatlands racing radiator guard - 2018
    • Hand made HMW HDPE skid plate (cost me $30 and an hour to make)
    • Sandman sprocket and chain guard - 2019
    • Tusk rear rack - 2019
    • Green Chili front recovery strap
    • Double take enduro mirrors (got from another Inmate on here)
    • Chinesium handguards
    • Chinesium front turn signals zip tied to said handguards
    • Chinesium LED headlight (really bright, but pattern is shit and throws light up in the sky. I don't ride at night anyways)
    Comes with
    • New set of Tusk Adventure tires that I never got around to mounting (the current mt21 and d606 have seen better days, but they're still on)
    • All the stock parts I removed
    • Tusk tire iron/wrench for the WRR
    The Baja is also for sale. If you want both it's $10,000. I can provide details about it.

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  2. desabrir

    desabrir Adventurer

    Mar 10, 2016
    Atlanta, GA

    Price drop $4500
  3. desabrir

    desabrir Adventurer

    Mar 10, 2016
    Atlanta, GA

    Baja still for sale.
  4. Ncpaddleman

    Ncpaddleman n00b

    Sep 3, 2017
    North Carolina
    What’s mileage on the Baja? Turbo or naturally aspirated? Auto or 5spd? Any rust underneath