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For sale 2013 Husqvarna TR 650 Strada; $4800

Discussion in 'Bikes' started by Dirtdobber85, Sep 21, 2021.

  1. Dirtdobber85

    Dirtdobber85 n00b

    Aug 6, 2021
    Kansas USA
    F073E6DC-46F4-40EA-BE5C-E22FBC405941.png 4FFF7872-1137-4A84-BD8B-A811E3904250.jpeg 439299DC-B46C-4412-AD47-B3EF6781556F.jpeg DFDAB8B1-A634-40EB-A41F-3EBEA310652A.jpeg For sale:
    Don’t want to sell, but don’t need three motorcycles (or so I am told). Wife and I rode this on the Talimena Drive a couple years ago, she said it was the last time she would ever ride it (apparently the pillion is not great for a 3 hour ride in the fog if you are not used to it). Bought a Ulysses for future rides like that (it will also be for sale) but it spun a crank bearing and is being built back up. Now I purchased a KTM 990 Adventure to replace them both and am trying to reduce the herd. Sorry for the boring excuse for selling.
    I am the only owner, picked it up from Motohio in Columbus, Ohio since it was one of the last ones that had no miles and now it has about 25,000 miles. As soon as I got it home I did the air box mod and installed a Uni air filter. It has 2” Rox bar risers, seat concepts seat. Second set of wheels with 50/50 big blocks tubed on steel wheels from a BMW Sertao or Dakar. Stock cast wheels have 80/20 street tires. Both sets of tires have 50%+ life left. Nerf bars, pannier racks and skid plate all installed and goes with bike since they don’t fit my KTM (as well as the PVC tool box attached to the skid plate). It even has factory ABS that can easily be turned off at the handlebars.
    Has been a super fun bike to have and hate that KTM did not continue to make them. It is ready to ride anywhere and I would even consider riding it to anyone that would be willing to ship me home (preferably in first class, but not sure they would let me up there nor would I know how to act with that kind of fancy travel).
    No rides without motorcycle endorsement DL and cash in hand… that away if you wreck it, it’s yours. Asking $4800
    I am very new to forums and posting, so please forgive me on delays of responding, I will do my best to respond as soon as I can so please feel free to ask me anything. I live just outside of Coffeyville, KS which has me within
    1.5 hours from Tulsa, OK
    1.5 hours from Joplin, MO
    2.5 hours from Springfield, MO
    2.5 hours from Wichita, KS
    3.5 hours from Kansas City, KS
    3.5 hours from Oklahoma City, OK