2013 Rocky Mountain GS Challenge

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    2013 GSChallenge. If you are planning on attending register online here...


    PLEASE NOTE : This event is open to ALL Dual Sport motorcycles, not just the Beemer crowd!

    The registration process has changed for the 2013 GSChallenge. In order to register for the GSChallenge you will be required to pay On-Line for your registration to be processed. Payment is handled via PayPal and allows you to pay with VISA, MasterCard, American Express, or using your own personal PayPal Account. If you do not wish to make payment On-Line you must contact Argyll Motorrad directly at (780) 435-6811 or Toll Free at 1-800-461-6787.

    The registration process will transfer you to the PayPal WebSite and process your payment, once the payment is completed you will be returned here (To the GSCHallenge WebSite) at which point you will need to fill the information for all Riders, Spectators and or Children attending the GSChallenge.

    You will also receive a confirmation E-Mail from the following E-Mail address ?info@argyllmotorsports.com? please check your SPAM folders if you have not received the confirmation within the next ten to fifteen minutes. Links to the registration form will be included in this E-Mail.

    It is our hope that this process will simplify the registration process for everyone. Should you have any questions and or concerns, please contact Argyll Motorrad at (780) 435-6811 or Toll Free at 1-800-461-6787, or if you prefer, please come into our showroom where we will be happy to assist you.

    The GSChallenge Team


    Event costs
    Riders $315.00 +GST ($15.75) = $330.75- Includes Welcome Package and Meals
    Non-Riders $125.00 + GST ($6.25) = $131.25 ? Includes Welcome Package and Meals
    Children Under 12 $50.00 + GST (2.50) = $52.50 ? Includes Welcome Package and Meals
    Cancellation Fees: Due to fixed costs of the event, full refund of event registration can be obtained up to 30 Days before the event. No refunds after Wed. Aug. 1st 2013 will be granted.
    Spectators who will NOT be attending the Banquet or taking advantage of the Meals On-Site FREE!

    Look forward to seeing you guy's there. I know the Usual three "Saskatchewan Boy's" will be there as they have in years past. Hopefully more of you will come out and enjoy this amazing event.

    Ride Safe Everyone...