2014 Beta RR 250 Wiring Query

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    Just picked up a 2014 Beta RR 250 to compliment my 2012 RS 450 and '97 Techno 250. Anyway... knew the speedo / computer was not working when I bought it... When I removed the light to check it out and change the units battery I found that three of the 4 wires pins were unseated and bent to the point where they would not insert and one broke[​IMG] [​IMG] n wire.

    I have lined up the wires the way they were in the plug (before I removed the plastic part) to see if I could plug in and get it to work. As you can see... the colours don't match up. you can see... purple to pink, blue to green, red to black etc. Looking at my shop manual the wiring diagram shows all the wire colours being the same before and after the plugs. If that was the case it would be easy to line up and go.

    So what I am asking for is if someone who has a 2014 RR can pop their light off and see which wires are supposed to go to which, so I can test and possibly rewire rather than spring for a new unit.


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