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2014 BMW 800GSA essentials

Discussion in 'Parallel Universe' started by snowboundleaf, Aug 8, 2020.

  1. snowboundleaf

    snowboundleaf Haha, motorcycle go brrrrr

    Jun 23, 2013
    Denver, CO
    Recently picked up a 2014 BMW 800GSA and have donned a few upgrades (throttle lock, RAM mount, back rest on middle hard box, headlight protector) but I was wondering what fellow inmates think are essentials for the parallels? I'm planning on riding about 70-30 since I commuting on occasion and have to drive to mountains to get on any serious trails here in Denver.

    Right now I'm looking at tarps for tent/motorcycle protection, cooking gear and setups, and a cot for 2 or 3 day rides. Hoping to make it out to a rally or two but not entirely sure how many are going to be going and Sturgis doesn't really seem my style. Thanks in advance for any advice / suggestions you have!

    Pic for attention on top of trail ridge rd a couple weeks back

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  2. heatmizr

    heatmizr n00b-tastic

    Jan 5, 2012
    CLT, NC
    Nice purchase! I rented one a couple yrs back in California, which led me to buying a new 850.
    Sounds like you have the basics covered... I think if you don't rush, but instead gradually pick up the things you find you need, you will do well. Without over doing it.
    The most critical things for me to get sorted were the windscreen and my navigation bracket set up... After that a custom seat for comfort. Put some miles on and you'll figure out what you need.
  3. soldierguy

    soldierguy Been here awhile

    Jan 30, 2011
    California Central Coast
    I definitely recommend the following:

    AF-XIED fuel controller. It will reduce vibrations, and will eliminate the flat spot in power delivery around 5000 rpms. I was skeptical about a fuel controller reducing vibrations, but it works. There are times when I forget to upshift to 6th on the highway because the bike is running smooth & quiet.

    Best Rest Products upper shock bolt & brace. The stock upper shock bolts are soft, not well supported, and prone to bending, which can lead to a bent frame. Even if yours is straight, it's cheap insurance against the possibility of a bent bolt in the future.
  4. Zoef zoef

    Zoef zoef Long timer

    Apr 19, 2009
    Finn√ły Island, near Stavanger, Norway
    Original GPS support. Possibly front fork upgrade.
    That is all for me.
  5. WQFTruckster

    WQFTruckster Adventure Engineer

    Jun 26, 2007
    North Central Florida
    Things I've personally done and like on my 2015 800gsa:

    Leo Vince slip on
    Holes in airbox mod
    SW Moto Skidplate (a lot of people like the Black Dog as it is very beefy, but the SW weighs substantially less, is a bit cheaper, and looks better imo. YMMV)
    Altrider headlight guard
    Best Rest shock brace (important preventative part if going off-road. As soldierguy said, it can prevent a bent shock bolt and damaged frame $$$)
    Touratech upper crash bars
    VPS Barkbusters
    IMS Rally footpegs (stronger, much better grip, wider for more control and comfort when standing)
    Guglatech re-usable air filter and fuel pre-filter
    Magura Hymec hydraulic clutch (greatly reduced clutch pull and hand fatigue for off-road clutch feathering)
    15 tooth front sprocket (great for offroad and around town, not as great for extended 75mph+ highway droning, but it's a 15 minute job to swap back when needed)
    EBC HH brake pads
    Stainless steel wheel bushings (to replace the aluminum ones that wear quickly and can cause seal/bearing issues)
    A few electrical upgrades (USB charging ports with voltmeter, 12V auxiliary pigtail wired directly to the battery for tire compressor)

    Not that all this is essential, and it looks like you have a few of these already. If you are going off-road, then the crash protection stuff is important, as is good riding gear and some appropriate tires for the job. Luggage, tools, GPS, and comfort stuff (seat, windshield, and controls) are all personal choices with tons of options. The AF-XIED and exhaust did make a pretty big difference in smoothing out the engine and making it more enjoyable to ride. Next up is an Arrow header, maybe a Seat Concepts seat and suspension upgrades. When the battery dies, I'll probably spring for a lithium replacement to shave off 7 or 8 lbs up high.

    A few other quirks specific to these bikes:
    Check your steering head bearings. They like to get notchy on these bikes and can cause handling issues. I just replaced mine and it feels like a new bike.

    Also, if you notice a pressure release when you open the gas tank, you should do the "ballectomy" mod and remove the little ball inside the check valve on the fuel vent line. It's free, easy, and may prevent a cracked gas tank and engine running issues. Search around, there are a couple of threads on this.

    If you are having rough idling issues, pull your IAC and clean the gunk off the end. Recommended to do this every 20-30K miles. Also, do a TPS recalibration while you're at it.

    If you are going to do your own maintenance, spring for the Motoscann app (android only) and an OBD2 adapter. This will let you reset the service reminder and perform a few service and diagnostics tasks.

    With a few tweaks, they really are awesome and capable bikes. Enjoy!
  6. Paulie M

    Paulie M Been here awhile Supporter

    Sep 14, 2012
    St Albert, Alberta, Canada
    Suspension. HyperPro progressive springs front and rear. If your going to swap out the rear shock bolt, your 1/3 way there to yank the shock out.

    It will change the ride quality dramatically. Total different bike for the better.