2014 International Six Days Enduro - Two Riders Need Your Help

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    Two Connecticut riders have been named to the International Six Days Enduro team representing the United States.

    John and Ben Kelley are two young lads who have been riding in NETRA enduros and hare scrambles their entire lives. John, 21, and Ben, 18, have been, along with their families, members of the Berkshire Trail Riders Association for at least 25 years. Their fathers have volunteered their time as trailbosses for countless enduros and hare scrambles over the years. Ben and John have been giving back to the sport since they were able to walk. They both spent countless hours cutting trail, working along side their dads and the rest of BTR doing hours and hours of Massachusetts State Forest trail work. Some of you have seen the boys and their dads at our Berkshire Big Adventure ride; some of you have seen and been assisted by them at our enduros and hare scrambles. The boys ride sweep at the events; not just 1 or 2 laps, they sweep from 9 a.m. until the ride is over, sometimes as late as 6 p.m.! They have been giving of themselves all of their lives and I can attest to their willingness to do whatever is asked of them. I've known them their entire lives; John even rode his very first dirt bike in my backyard at the age of 3!

    And now, they need your assistance.

    Being picked for the ISDE, the world's oldest international offroad event, is a dream come true for these young guys. Both are part of the Tony Agonis Team.

    The cost of going and competing is the responsibility of each rider from the US unlike some of the other countries. Some countries sponsor their riders.

    We figure its going to cost these kids approximately $20,000 each. Not only do the kids have to go, but their parents have to go as their support team and have to volunteer their time at the event.

    Ben starts his freshman year in college in late August and will be taking 2 weeks off in November to fly to Argentina and compete. John is an apprentice plumber and works full time.

    The following are links to the AMA ISDE page, and the gofundme pages for each of the boys. Please give generously to each of them. Its like "paying it forward". They are well-deserving polite guys. Your donations will not go unappreciated.


    Ben Kelley: http://www.gofundme.com/bys9g8

    John Kelley: http://www.gofundme.com/bytjl4

    Thank you in advance,
    Rich from BTR
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    Let's see more of this
    the lack of USA representation in world class Motorsports is depressing

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    20,000.00 ......Yikes I had no idea it was even close to that much!
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    Good luck guys! Go USA!!
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    Yup ... $20,000 for each rider. And another $4,500 each for their required support person who will be a volunteer and directly support all the riders on AMA Team USA.

    A lot of money ... but it's also a dream come true for these great young men.