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Sold 2015 350 XCF-W Six Days plated Texas

Discussion in 'Bikes' started by dejr2000, Jan 22, 2020.

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  1. dejr2000

    dejr2000 Been here awhile

    Sep 7, 2010
    Owned about 3 years, ridden on handful of dual sport rides, son off to college don't need.
    Some details from original owner from when I bought it:


    Suspension: Six Days 4cs is setup differently than the standard bikes, and this valving just works. I'm running heavier springs front and rear, 8.0 rear and 47's up front. Speed bleeders. But this really doesn't need much other work. The best KTM suspension i've ever ridden them, and trust me, i've ridden a couple.

    Cockpit: Trail Tech Vapor speedo, including the billet surround case they offer. Carmichael black bar, which is a lower bend to keep bar height close to stock despite the rise. Bar is trimmed to just at 30". Scotts Steering stab using BRP sub-mount. All brought together with a Fastway FIT version 2 or 3, which integrates the bar mounts with the guard mounts for super strength. I also have the very trick little Canyon Dancer tie-down hooks mounted on the lower triple clamp bolt. Very convenient, and out of the way so you can't hook a knee or thigh on them.

    Engine/Clutch: Motor is stock of course, but TPS tool was used to correct EFI voltage. I'm running a Rekluse EXP CORE which is the very high end $900 one. I have run every rekluse ever made as well as Revloc's, in every generation of ktm since the early RFS's and several japenese bikes. I have NEVER owned or ridden a bike who'se rekluse WORKS THIS GOOD. This particular bike, this particular rekluse is the poster child for auto-clutch-perfection. To me that means: you literally can not tell the bike has a rekluse. It's dead perfect engagement - 100% lock when you breath on the throttle. AND it's 100% disengagement when you want it to be. Clutch override is perfect. And here's the real kicker that rekluse detractors don't understand and can't beleive: compression braking is perfect and fantastic... it doesn't "accidentally disengage" going down a long technical hill for instance.... It's amazing. I assure you. OIL and filters have been changed 3 times, or a rate of about every 150 miles, or 7 hrs. Coolant is Engine Ice.

    Driveline/wheels/brakes: Original front tire, no broken lugs. I de-mounted both tires a couple weeks ago in order to install Bridgestone ULTRA HD tubes front and rear. I opted to install a new Pirelli MT16 on the rear - but i have the original real on the side which still in excellent condition (same condition photo'd - that's the original in the pic). Chain and both sprockets are original with no signs of wear. Big shark fin rotor guard in the back. TM Designs chain guide, which was used on a prior bike before this bike, so while it's clean it's marked up a bit. Stock Six Days skid plate. It's convenient but really i think i would replace it if i was keeping it longer, it's just a little flimsy for my taste.

    Vapor is showing 594 miles, had right at 400 miles on original odo when Vapor installed so total just under 1,000 miles.
    Shorai battery installed along with dual sport kit, Seat Concepts seat, Scott’s damper, Acerbis 4.1 gal tank, stock tank included along with a few extra plastic spares. Titled and plated in Texas.

    clear title .
    Located in Fort Worth,TX





Thread Status:
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