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Sold 2016 KTM 1190 R Adventure Garaged - SOCAL

Discussion in 'Bikes' started by Marcus I., Jul 19, 2021.

  1. Marcus I.

    Marcus I. The virtual world can't compete

    Oct 2, 2013
    It's time to sell my 2016 KTM 1190 R Adventure. I’m the original owner. It runs and rides better than new with the basic performance upgrades my fellow inmates recommended.

    My best bike experience ever, the smooth transmission and power made every ride an effortless thrill. Here on the west coast, where I’ve been riding since the Covid shutdowns began, the strengths of this bike shine.

    I prefer to deal with a local buyer. Otherwise, if you want to arrange shipping or an epic fly and ride, it’s outfitted to get you to dirt and what have you, then back home effortlessly. With the Hepco & Becker Top Case Kit** there’s plenty of power and room for your favorite pillion.

    This bike is set up for the tall rider. I added a custom Renazco seat for extra comfort when not standing up on the large off-road foot pegs. If you like just the OEM foot pegs, you can remove my aftermarket extenders/wideners. I did not lower the pegs so ground clearance is stock height.

    It’s always been garaged and has been well maintained on schedule. The rear TKC-70 has about 1600 miles on it. The front TKC-70 has less. I had the software reflashed in March 2019.

    The bike's strength is off-road so, it's taken a few naps. There are some minor crash bar scuffs and tank marks. The fuel gauge float can get stuck on reading full. It’s totally fixable but, I just keep an eye on my trip odometer. Otherwise, routine maintenance has kept it trustworthy in all situations.

    Mileage: 7,7XX mi.

    Price: $9,895

    PM me if you're in the market now and have any questions , time is precious, no wants to waste it kicking tires.

    ** In addition, I’m offering a Hepco & Becker Aluminum Standard 35L Top Case, back rest, mount, and 2 keys for an additional $350. It was a pain to import before COVID but, it’s been old school strong worth it. Fits a helmet or tank bag, KTM tools, and tire repair kit.


    All 3 keys with key code card

    Manual with pouch

    ‘Ready to Race’ Zipper Case

    OEM Mirrors if you want them

    Recent Maintenance

    Brake flush (Nov. 2019)

    Dust seals and fork oil replaced (March 2021)

    Last Oil change 6,196 miles (Dec. 2020)

    Hydraulic clutch rebuild (March 2020)

    Upgrades: (over $4,000.)

    Software Reflash (March 2019)

    Suspension 101 Fork Springs (.68 spring rate; set for 225 lb. rider + gear)

    Cyclops lighting kit (OEM lacking; a must IMHO)

    PowerCell S2 Pod intake (air tight vs. dust )

    KTM heated grips (a luxury for some, must for me)

    KTM Off-Road Dongle (no need to update settings every restart)

    HyperPro Steering Damper (handling, handling, handling)

    Rox Risers (a must standing up )

    Hyperlites brake lights (for L.A. traffic and stoplights)

    Altrider’s skid plate (OEM lacking)

    Midwest Mtn. short clutch lever (throttle control ease off-road)

    Arrow Quick Flip Mirrors (cleans up buffeting, great for lane splitting)

    Acerbis Hand Guards (OEM lacking)

    Zip-Ty Racing Foot Peg Extensions (a must for big MX boots)

    SW-Motech Kick Stand Foot (a must)

    Garmin Amps Rugged Mount (for Montana series, keeping mine)
    Audio/Power Cable

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  2. Marcus I.

    Marcus I. The virtual world can't compete

    Oct 2, 2013
  3. Marcus I.

    Marcus I. The virtual world can't compete

    Oct 2, 2013
    Bike sold including top case. Thanks for the views.