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Sold 2016 KTM 690 Enduro R – Rekluse, Scotts Damper, Two Aux Tanks - $9,000

Discussion in 'Bikes' started by Key 2 Hwy, Aug 29, 2020.

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  1. Key 2 Hwy

    Key 2 Hwy Adventurer

    Dec 8, 2015
    Bozeman, MT
    2016 KTM 690 Enduro R – Rekluse, BRP & Scotts Damper, Two Aux Tanks & fresh 12K service (Updated) - $9,000 inmate price. Mosko Moto luggage package available separately.


    12,3XX miles. Located in Bozeman, MT. Will deliver for free up to 500 miles for full asking price. May be open to going further with gas $$, or will help arrange shipping. Or fly and ride the best adv state in the country. Selling because the new truck I’m getting is expensive.

    Complete Mosko Moto & Giant Loop luggage available for additional cost. Will sell with bike or separately only after bike is sold.

    RTW ready bike in top condition. Carries 5 gal of gas onboard for 300 mi range. This bike was built for a RTW trip that didn’t end up happening, it’s ready to jump on and ride to Argentina. The concept used for this build was to use only the very best option for each mod and to keep the stock look and handling as much as possible. No expense spared. This was a planned build that happened over several months just after the 500 mi break-in dealer service, a box of stock take-off parts in mint condition is included. Optional accessory turnkey adventure kit (see below).

    Updated: Followed maintenance schedule meticulously. Oil & filters changed every 500-600 miles, only recommended Motorex fluids used. I had the 12,000 mile service completed by my local KTM dealer on 9/15 at a cost of $418. This service included: valve clearance check & adjust, flush brake fluid front & rear, coolant flush, spark plug, all the other 12K service items (check spoke tension, check bolt tightness, brakes, etc.). Please see receipt for service in new post below. Runs like brand new.

    • KTM ABS dongle installed. Allows ABS to be switched from: both wheels on, front wheel only, all off. Currently it's only working with ABS front only or all off. The rear ABS isn’t turning on. I always ride with the rear disabled so never noticed it until now. Could be anything from the sensor cable at the rear disk to the ABS pump or computer. Only known issue with bike and I wouldn’t bother fixing this if I was to keep it.
    Major Upgrades
    • Rekluse clutch. Total gamechanger on rough terrain and singletrack.
    • Lower geared front sprocket. Combined with Rekluse clutch this baby tractors amazingly, it’ll slow crawl over logs in idle without any clutch work. Currently set up with stock gearing as I’ve been riding more open country roads recently.
    • Rade Garage 1.6 gal auxiliary fuel tank (under seat) w/ petcock for reserve
    • Rally Raid 1.2 gal auxiliary side fuel tank w/ KTM orange breather
    • Rade Garage air filter kit
    • Wings slip-on exhaust
    • BRP sub-mount, risers, & Scotts steering stabilizer. Tallest risers available (can be reduced) works well for my 5’-11” height.
    • KTM Powerparts/Touratech luggage rack
    • Cycra ProBend handguards
    • Touratech bash plate
    • Seat Concepts seat w/ orange stitching
    • Arrow mirrors w/ Rottweiler quick flip mounts – super solid, no vibes
    • KTM Powerparts heated grips
    • Kaoko throttle lock/cruise control
    • Cyclops LED H4 headlight
    • Rear tire: Mitas E07 Dakar. Front tire: Heidenau K60 Scout. 40% life left on both. Find that I need to change the front once for every two rear changes. Easily enough life for a cross-country ride or finish out the season. Can’t recommend the Mitas E07 highly enough.
    Minor Upgrades
    • Perun Moto subframe reinforcement kit. Reinforcement to carry large luggage weight.
    • Factory Pro transmission detent arm shift kit – really smoothed out the shifts
    • KTM Powerparts windscreen
    • Perun Moto rear rack & extension plate
    • 12V waterproof USB power at handlebar for phone charging. 2.5A 5V keeps phone charged even while on full brightness/always on
    • Hondo Garage Perfect Squeeze phone mount w/ RAM ball – love this thing
    • Cleanspeed rear brake lever & stepped pedal pad in anodized orange
    • Fastway Adventure footpegs
    • CJ Designs gas filler w/ billet cap
    • Perun Moto rear brake cylinder protection plate
    • KTM Powerparts kickstand enlarged foot plate
    • Vanasche case saver chain guard. Easy access for Rekluse clutch adjustment.
    • Shift billet large clutch reservoir
    • Chain replaced at approx. 7K miles
    • Gloss black hidden screw license plate holder
    Luggage ($1800 value new)
    • Mosko Moto Pannier soft luggage system
    • Giant Loop Diablo tank bag
    • (2) Backcountry 35L panniers
    • (1) Backcountry 25L pannier (not pictured). Originally had this installed on the exhaust side to not project past the mirror for tight trails but eventually replaced it with a second 35L.
    • (1) Backcountry 40L Duffle/Pack – all kinds of cool features inside
    • (1) Backcountry 30L Duffle/Pack (not pictured)
    • (1) Molle 4L Storage Pouch - carries water bag or (2) MSR fuel canisters
    • Polar Bear soft cooler (orange of course)
    • (2) Backcountry Cinch Straps/Emergency Tow Straps
    • Fender bag (not pictured)
    Accessory Kit
    For an additional price I can include the full kit I built up for the RTW trip, to make it a truly turnkey adventure machine. Including:
    • Helinox Zero Ultralight chair
    • Kyocera weatherproof phone. No cell service just GPS & wifi, preloaded with Locus Pro & OSM maps, etc.
    • Mosko Fatty Tool Roll
    • CyclePump air compressor
    • Ultralight jack stand
    • Wera ratchet set w/ all sockets & bits – customized to bike
    • BestRest tire patch kit & tubes
    • Motion Pro titanium wrench set
    • Motion Pro Bead Buddy
    • Motion Pro tire levers & axle wrenches
    • Klein electrical tools (needle nose, scissors, forceps, etc.)
    • Knipex parallel jaw adjustable wrench
    • Campfire stove rack
    • MSR Dromlite water bags fitted to luggage “dispenser”
    • (2) MSR fuel canisters
    • Even have a sick MSR one-person ultralight tent in mint condition
    • Much more… if interested let me know and I’ll photograph it and we’ll figure out a price.

    Also have more gear for sale: Klim Badlands (winter) suit, Revit Cayenne (summer) suit, Sidi boots, Arai XD-4 helmet, etc. Not included in this deal but inquire if interested - will only be selling after the bike is sold but I can take down your name and give you first dibs.

    Lots more pics available, including closeups w/ the plastics off. We can do a Zoom walkaround too.
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  2. Key 2 Hwy

    Key 2 Hwy Adventurer

    Dec 8, 2015
    Bozeman, MT
    02.jpg 03.jpg 04.jpg 05.jpg 05a.jpg 06.jpg 07.jpg 08.jpg 09.jpg a1.jpg
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  3. Key 2 Hwy

    Key 2 Hwy Adventurer

    Dec 8, 2015
    Bozeman, MT
    a2.jpg a3.jpg a4.jpg a5.jpg a6.jpg a7.jpg
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  4. Key 2 Hwy

    Key 2 Hwy Adventurer

    Dec 8, 2015
    Bozeman, MT
    Price reduced. Cost adjusted to reflect price for bike only, luggage to be separate.
  5. Key 2 Hwy

    Key 2 Hwy Adventurer

    Dec 8, 2015
    Bozeman, MT
    Attached is the receipt for the 12k dealer service with all items completed at a cost of $418. Dealer said it was the cleanest used bike he's ever seen!

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