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2017 JOZI 2 KOZI

Discussion in 'Africa & Mid East' started by flybynite, Dec 23, 2017.

  1. flybynite

    flybynite So far so good

    May 30, 2016
    Gangsters Paradise, SA
    SA N00b here did the J2K this year and was wondering if anyone else would care to share their experiences on this thread. For my part I had a total blast. Rode the faithful XR400 which never missed a beat, as usual. Other than me falling off my bike before the ride even started on day 1 trying to mount the BRP packhorse, I was drama free.

    Some of the bigger bikes did hit problems in the more technical sections and the final stretch included a river crossing which was optional - go through or go back around the dam to get across.

    Those that chose to go across I think regretted their choice.......

    All good fun, with great camaraderie, super facilities. well organised and a great 3 day ride all the way to the Indian Ocean. Having a snorkel in the Kozi Bay 'lakes' at the end of the trip was the cherry on the top. Life is good.....

    Check out the link on youtube.