2017 TLH - Denver To Newfoundland Via The Trans Labrador and Back

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    Oct 29, 2003
    Breckenridge, Colorado
    Well the snow has begun to fall in Breckenridge Colorado so that leaves time to start putting together pictures from the summer's rides. 30,000 miles in total makes for a LOT of pictures. I decided years ago to save the pics on Facebook and then just make slide shows from the pics over the winter to keep them in one place.

    The most memorable ride of the season was the TLH. Just over 8,000 miles in total from Denver to Newfoundland and then back via Nova Scotia and New Brunswick across and back to Denver.

    I'm happy to share GPX files from any of my trips. On FB, my trips are at @TabascoGS1 or on the Youtube channel where the video is posted below. I'll post more of my trips here of course to fall within the terms of the forum.