2019 dEATh vALLey nOObs rALLy March 28-31

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    WHEN: MARCH 28-31, 2019
    40440 CA-190, PANAMINT SPRINGS, CA 93545

    MAP LOCATION: https://goo.gl/maps/t7Lod8od3uT2





    we don't have to reach 250 participants....once SPAFXER sees the campground is full, we'll close the registration, except for those RIDING IN.

    This has become an iconic tradition, and our 14th year of denoobing new riders.... hundreds will agree....:lol3

    Primarily a meet-up of dual sport and adventure riders who are looking for a friendly atmosphere to get in or back to the sport. The only time in the year where noobs get all the attentio and respect.

    Our goal is to facilitate the event that will provide an opportunity for beginners and those lacking experience or skills to become better and safer riders. It is also the place to meet other riders with the same or similar skill level.

    Also part of the tradition, we team up with Jimmy Lewis to offer a special class to help students to gain the correct skills and become better/safer riders. Only registered participants can sign up to class, and as an incentive, all who completed the class will receive a $50 voucher from DVNR.


    NSFW Husqvarna 701 Enduro
    JimmyLewis - KTM 1090
    Spafxer KTM 950
    FYYFF KTM 990A / 450exc
    BiggieFalls KTM 950SE
    Fatallybitten Husqvarna 701 Enduro
    Pictor1 Suzuki DRZ400
    Next Step Suzuki DRZ 400
    Oldgrayghost Husky 501
    Andybeerguy Husqvarna 701
    Hoondog Suzuki DR650
    Bbaldheaded BMW f800gs
    Rjnutt Husqnarna 701
    MrEndo Ktm
    Hbsurfdad Xr650r
    GalacticGS Husqvarna 701
    PJH66 2017 Husqvarna 501FE
    Little Bike Ktm 350 exc
    Free range chicken yamaha xt225
    Heirhead suzuki drz400 or Honda nx250
    Garfey KTM 625SMC
    Migilito KTM 500 EXC
    Mofrid BMW G650GS
    Motopsychoman BMW G650GS Sertao
    Nowwhat Husky 501
    IanInCalgary Yamaha WR250R
    Agnessman BMW R1200GS
    Suzuki Phil Suzuki DRZ400
    SlowerThanYou Suzuki DR650
    Ms. SlowerThanYou
    KaptSlo BMW R1200GS
    Unkgd Husqvarna 701 Enduro
    Dzrtracin BETA 500
    Team Vegas KTM 990A / 450exc
    Thecoldman suzuki v-strom 1000
    Motobillb Suzuki DR650
    Waterpolo moto Yamaha WR250R
    Sonoradave Husqvarna 701E
    Blaise W Honda Africa Twin
    Carhart Honda Africa Twin
    ClimbingFool BMW Sertao
    Loose Screw KTM 690
    Maritan KTM 1190 ADV R
    Danogrande WR250R
    Ms. Danogrande XT225
    Mrsbyh ktm 500exc
    Byh Suzuki dr650
    DSM8 KTM 525 or 990
    Rob1313 DRZ 400/DL 650
    PukaWai Suzuki DRZ4002
    Sito Husky 701
    Meate8or KTM 500 EXC
    Camello911 F800GSA
    Crotch rocket Honda CR250
    Shiney Side Up Suzuki DRZ400
    Thunders Stormy KTM 1190R
    Distant Thunder KTM 500 EXC
    Tbarstow Ktm 530/BMW 1200GSA
    Dunc289 KTM 640
    Tag3 Honda Transalp
    Sfcootz Suzuki DR650
    Cowgirl CCM GP450
    Ddunerat KTM 500 EXCF
    Ms.Dunerat KTM 500 EXCF
    Catfish Beta 520RS
    Akemi Honda CB500X
    Bobbles Triumph Tiger 800XCx
    JPlug KTM 500 EXC
    skvirdi (Daughter) BMW R1200GS Adventure
    skvirdi (Son)
    skvirdi (Spouse)
    4serge Honda NC700x
    Gavilan5088 KTM990 adventure
    Bsham KTM 690
    Mak10 Yamaha Super Tenere
    Ms. Mak10
    Surfgimp KTM 950 ADV
    MsSurfgimp DR650
    m0t0-ryder 2006 Yamaha TW200 & 2006 KTM 950 ADV S
    Wilde 2016 Honda CB500X
    BenTravelin KTM 950 Super Enduro
    Outdoorsman Triumph Tiger 800xrx
    Southbaysumo 2007 ktm 450exc-f
    MS. southbaysumo 2017 husky fe250
    southbaysumo 2 2018 ktm 350exc-f
    Bigtodd KTM 500 exc
    Zdirty1 KTM 500EXC
    Blizithe Triumph Explorer
    John Shepler KTM 350 EXC
    Mrs Beatsworkin 96 Jeep
    Typeamark 500 EXC
    ITNANTI DR650 KTM350
    moonshinemotors KTM 690 enduro
    GeoRider400 DRZ400
    FullSails Yahaha WR250r
    Pcfly Honda Africa Twin
    DJSponge Triumph Tiger 800 XcX
    WhereTheHellIsJames? KTM 690 Enduro R
    Samtech79 Honda CRF500L
    Spunkhustler 2016 Husky 350
    Spunkhustler 2 2016 KTM 350 6 Days
    Headstaller FE 501
    Bluesurf DRZ 400S
    AllSeasonRider KTM 1090 Adveture R
    Jmessamer BMW F800GS
    Mramosc KTM 350EXC-F
    Rideabout KTM 500EXC
    Mojave_ktm KTM 500EXC
    Fletch123 ktm 450
    Dirty Adventurer KTM 500exc
    Outdoorsman Triumph Tiger 800XRX
    Blizithe Triumph Explorer
    Stunny 650GS Sertao
    Odomodyssey Bmw gs 800
    Poisoncanyon R1200GS
    Bionic Man Husqvarna 701 Enduro
    Damoose BMW RT100
    Aanichols 2018 KTM 690R
    Chee Ktm exc500
    Flecknersgarage Suzuki dr650
    Mr zanola Suzuki DRZ400
    Zanola KTM 500 EXC
    Chaostrophy BMW R1200GS
    FallingUp KTM 350 EXF-f
    Zen Slug KTM 4503xc
    Oldchief Husqvarna FE350
    Davethestick Honda XR650R
    Megaplow KTM 525 EXC
    Motomich BMW F700GS
    BStokes BMW F700GS
    DirtTanker Suzuki DRZ 400
    Shawn 530EXC
    DannyG 525exc
    Helloarchitect Suzuki DR 650
    Surfacetoair Wrf450
    Trumpet KTM 500 EXC
    Stealman yamaha yz450
    Oldchief Husqvarna FE 350
    Acidjzaz Kawasaki KLX650
    Toast Husqvarna FE501s
    Fhammond Husqvarna 701 Enduro
    MrGadalot Yamaha Super Tenere & WR250R
    Eddyturn BMW 1200 GS Yamaha WR250R
    DannyG 525exc
    Shawn 530exc
    Happy Scout KTM 500 exc
    ET_ADV_Rider KTM 525EXC
    Folgore Ducati Multistrada Enduro
    Unlucky71 Triumph Tiger 800 XC
    BillUA KTM 1090
    BillUA 2 KTM 500 EXC
    Jalapoj R1200gs
    Ms. Jalapoj
    Choo choo Suzuki DRZ400
    Sande21 Honda Africa Twin
    Pbro63 CSC RX3
    Djburnz KTM 500 EXC
    Bikesarefun husky 501fe
    Johnnyv82 Ducati multistrada
    Mattlikeybikey Kawa KLR 650
    LADAKAR Cagiva/Ducati Elefant
    Fava Gsf800
    WestCoastR KTM 350 EXC
    Freddles KTM 530 & 1290R
    Kevinbheath KTM500 EXC
    Samhayes KTM 500 EXC
    Gincana BMW G650GS
    AdventureDave82 KTM 1190 Adventure R
    Ninerone9 BMW F800GSA
    Jkstehn Yamaha WR250R
    Scooter Jeff Suzuki VanVan200/ Kawasaki KLX250
    Adventure Hunter Yamaha Super Tenere
    New Red klr 650
    Old Scout Kawasaki klx 250
    Chopperguy BMW GSA 1200
    Toecutter707 KTM 1090 Adventure
    SquaredVet KTM EXC-F 500
    sdaprile BMW R1100GS
    ActionHeroJes Suzuki DRZ400
    UPM_Rider Honda XR650R
    Aimhi Honda CRF1000DCT
    Typeamark KTM 450 6 DAYS
    Dvjim KTM 450
    Zgfiredude Africa Twin
    Zffiredude2 KTM 690
    Isaac004 KTM 690
    Deagle DRZ400
    JohnnyV82 - Multistrada
    ChrisV82 -
    AJ - KLR 650
    Toddlite - KTM 500 EXC
    Unleashed76 - KTM 690
    LongTallSally - KTM 500EXC
    ArrinD - KLR 650
    Cindy -
    TPezzy - KTM 500 EXC
    Gerg - KTM 1290/Husky 350
    Sugaree - Husky 250E
    J.King - KTM990
    Sumwon - KLR 650
    Anestech - Yamaha WR450
    Rider914 - KTM 690E
    Michaelbrux - Husky TE630
    JaybirdNLV9 - Yamaha WR450
    Ckeoz - Suzuki DR650
    Sarah fr - Suzuki DR650
    Drgnluk - BMW 1200GSA
    Jrussette - Super Tenere
    Rider439 - KTM 500 EXCF
    TimSlifkin - KTM 450 EXCF
    Advrager - BMW F800GS
    Outjustout - Suzuki DRZ400
    Kitsap_Rider - DR650
    Series80 - Beta 500 RS
    LostRoadie - Husa FE570
    _Cedric_ - Suzuki DRZ400
    JayJ - Husqvarna 350FE
    EasyRider Jay - Husqvarna 350FE
    Calisurfbum - Yamaha WR250R
    Haket - Africa Twin
    Cenji - KTM 950SE
    Yellow Pig - Husqvarna 501 FE
    Qartis - Suzuki DR 650
    Meritlane - BMW R1200GS
    Jab - Honda XR600
    JasonFB123 - KLR 650
    WFO GS - Honda Africa Twin
    Pontoon - Suzuki DR650
    Road Hammer - KTM 990A
    David Amado - KTM 990 Baja
    Boris Amado - Husaberg 570
    Pintro - KTM 950 SE
    Jaybones - Yamaha XT250
    Dantemarchese - KTM 350 EXC
    PaprikaJoe - Honda CB500X
    Slomo - Yamaha WR250
    BiggieFalls - KTM 950SE
    ADVFord - BMW 650 XChallenge
    MondoHondo - KTM 500 EXC
    LittleADV - Yamaha WR250
    SmittyRunner - Honda Africa Twin
    Jens22 - BMW R100GSPD
    JasonDubb - Yamaha WR250
    SBC - Yamaha WR250
    TonyRaca - DRZ400S
    JROmoto - Yamaha WR250
    Pandamanprod - Beta 390
    SeatConcepts - Africa Twin/DR650
    CAStu - Triumph 800
    RobE - DRZ400
    LAThumper - Russ
    DRMiller100 - DR650
    Srileo - DRZ400
    Harry - Triumph 1200
    VTBeemer - WR250R
    Slackman - F800GS
    Konflict West - KTM 450
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    pictures here....2019dvnr

    click "done" on the upper right corner.

    password is "wtp"


    Easier for me to focus on the noobs rally and have a great time, but deep inside many of us, we also care for land stewardship groups that don't exclude motorcycle travel. we're getting fenced out by other groups, forest service, and BLM. we motorcycle riders are viewed as destructive members of the society and should only have limited access to public lands that are dedicated for recreation purpose.

    Having over 240 people gathered on Saturday night, we're taking it as opportunity to make everyone aware that we have "land use issues" and like the rest of the public, we deserve access and doesn't have to be 100%, and to exclude us must have a valid and fair reasons why we can't recreate in our public lands.

    The objective is to raise $ by selling raffle tickets. volunteers will be running this fundraising.

    100% of the money collected will be donated.

    Why do the raffle, and not just ask donations from participants? Many of the participants are generous in donating cash, however, we always have a bigger collection if cool and valuable raffle prizes are part of the fundraising. in addition, by having sponsors, we are also getting them involved in supporting land issues and building a partnership in the motorcycle community. in return, we patronize vendors and manufacturers who support us.

    So far, we have:

    Mosko Moto
    Giant Loop
    Jimmy Lewis Off-Road
    Lior's Motoride
    Karma Tequila
    Konflict Motorsports
    Highway Dirt Bikes
    RockyMountain ATV/MC
    Scotts Performance Products
    JVB Production
    Double Take Mirror
    Butler Maps
    Motorex USA
    Tuff Lites
    Moto Republic
    Perfect Squeeze
    Perun Rack
    Twisted Throttle
    Atlas Throttle Lock
    Kelias Visor Clear
    Flexx Bars - Fassst Company
    Pelican Products
    Seat Concepts
    Overland Adventurer - Kit Cube
    ADV Moto Magazine
    Stewards of the Sierras

    In the past, the following have supported us and hopefully this year, they'll be able to help our cause.
    Camillus Knives
    Baja Design
    Continental Tires
    Kermit Chair
    Black Dog
    Wolfman Luggage
    ADV Monster LED
    Sheepskin Alaska Leathers
    Camel Tank
    EnduroStar Trail Stand
    Mondo Motos
    Woody's Wheel
    Fold-a-Flame - Coalbee
    Delamo Motorsports
    Motorace - Mitas
    LS2 Helmets

    My apology if I missed someone.

    there's a thread that migilito started and please feel free to visit and post comments how helpful if the vendors step up and helping our cause.





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    PSR and Campground Map

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    By the popular demand, Group Ride Sign Ups are back (thanks to PukaWai for the site).
    Similar to our previous sign ups, you will need to create a log in to get access to the lists and add yourself to the rides that you want to participate.
    Remember, you need to create a new account for this site to be able to log in. This is not your AdvRider log in. That being said, please use your AdvRider nick, and choose a different password if you want, to sign up so we will know who is in which ride.
    There will be some details about the rides by the ride leaders. Please ask/talk about the rides on this thread before signing up and you MUST follow the rules of the group leader at all times. If you think you cannot do that, please find a different group or better, have your own ride and let people join you.
    If you have any questions, please post here and you’ll get help from old timers as usual.
    If you are having technical difficulties with the sign up site, please PM to @PukaWai

    Group Ride Sign Up List *

    * The organizer of this event is not associated to this RIDE LIST, and only offered to accomodate requests from people who are interested in doing group rides. Note that participation either as a leader or a mere group member is voluntary.
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    Places to Visit

    This will be added to over time...

    Darwin Falls
    Very close to Panamint Springs is a small oasis and the Darwin waterfalls. Take the turnoff south from 190 about 1/4 mile west of Panamint Springs. Then it's a short 2.5 mile ride to the trailhead parking area, followed by about a 1 mile hike to get to the Lower Darwin Falls.
    You can also keep climbing up the narrow canyon to reach the Upper Falls (but would be difficult to do in riding boots). It's fed from one of the few permanent springs in Death Valley. Well worth the hike to take a look!

    China Garden Spring
    About 3 mile past the Darwin Falls trailhead will be turnoff to China Garden Spring. Another little oasis with small fish to see.
    At one time this area was used for a zinc mining processing facility.

    A semi-ghost town, inhabited by approximately 30+. Has an interesting history - once a rowdy mining town and at one time the largest town in Inyo County. Now it's mostly populated by people that just want to be left alone. One of the scenic spots...
    You can read about it's history here. Or watch this interesting documentary...

    When entering Darwin, remember the Hills have Eyes!

    Cerro Gordo
    Cerro Gordo (Fat Hill) is a ghost town in the Inyo Mountains. At one time, it was the site of the largest Silver mine in California. Read more about it here.
    The site was sold for $1.4M last July. It is accessible from the west from Keeler, and from the east via White Mountain Talc Road (from Saline Valley Road). The route from the west is much easier.

    Salt Tram
    The Saline Valley Salt Tram Summit Station is about 14 miles north of Cerro Gordo.
    The salt tram carried salt from Saline Valley over the Inyo Mountains to a discharge terminal near Swansea. It took over 1.3M board feet of lumber for the various tramway support structures and control stations.
    Quite the engineering feat...

    Saline Valley Warm Springs
    About 70 miles north of Panamint Springs and about 6-1/2 miles east of Saline Valley Road are the Saline Valley Warm Springs.
    It's a series of three springs and several soaking pools. It's a clothing optional area,so bring your bathing suit (or not - nobody really cares). It's well maintained by the many regular hot spring aficionados and the resident caretaker named Lizard Lee.
    It's a popular camping area but be prepared to bring what you need an be self-sufficient. It's a little oasis literally in the middle of nowhere.

    Eureka Dunes
    North of Saline Valley Warm Springs are the Eureka Dunes. Accessible by experienced riders via Steel Pass heading north from the hot springs, or the easier route of taking Eureka Road south from Death Valley Road (running roughly between Big Pine and Scotty's Castle).
    The dunes are constantly changing. Absolutely no riding on the dunes! But feel free the take a hike if you wish. They're quite a sight to see...

    Crankshaft Crossing
    On Death Valley Road, 11 miles east of Eureka Road, is a road junction known as Crankshaft Crossing. Look at the pic to see why it's named that. You can turn northeast at the junction to head towards Gold Point (or Hwy 266), southeast to head towards Scotty's Castle or Ubehebe Crater, or southwest to head towards Eureka Dunes or Big Pine.

    Ubehebe Crater
    Ubehebe Crater is a large volcanic crater in the northern part of Death Valley. It is approximately 1/2 mile wide, and about 600 feet deep. It is located on Ubehebe Crater Road, west of the road to Scotty's Castle (or southeast from Crankshaft Junction).
    Ubehebe crater is known as a maar, a crater that is formed when magma migrates close to the surface and the heat of the magma causing groundwater to flash into steam, and throwing large quantities of pulverized old rock and new magma across the stony alluvial fan draped across the valley floor. The age of the Ubehebe Crater is indeterminate, with some studies indicating it may have formed as recently as 300 years ago while other studies have indicated it may be 2000 or more years old.
    It's possible to hike down to the bottom (although it's a rigorous trek back up), and you can also hike around the perimeter and view the Little Hebe crater.

    Teakettle Junction
    Another strange shrine at a road junction in Death Valley. This one is at the junction of the Hunter Mountain Road and Racetrack Valley Road.
    Tourists will leave a teakettle (usually with an inscribed message) hanging off the road sign. Every once is a while, the park rangers will remove them and allow a new collection to begin again.

    Racetrack Playa
    West of Teakettle Junction is the dry lake bed known as Racetrack Playa, and world-famous for it's "moving" rocks.
    Instead, park along the road, and walk out on to the lake bed, and wander around to view some of the rocks, and their trails of movement. There is large outcrop of quartz monzonite rocks on the lake bed (known as the Grandstand) that you can climb to get a great view of the area.
    The rocks tumble to the surface of the lake bed during storms. They can remain stationary for years, but under the right conditions they will move across the surface and leave trails in the lake bed. A study by the Scripps Institute of Oceanography discovered that the moving rocks requires a rare combination of events. First, the playa fills with water, which must be deep enough to allow formation of floating ice during cold winter nights but shallow enough to expose the rocks. As nighttime temperatures plummet, the pond freezes to form sheets of "windowpane" ice, which must be thin enough to move freely but thick enough to maintain strength. On sunny days, the ice begins to melt and break up into large floating panels, which light winds drive across the playa pool. The ice sheets shove rocks in front of them and the moving stones leave trails in the soft mud bed below the pool surface.

    Lost Burro Mine
    The semi-difficult trail to Lost Burro Mine heads from Hunter Mountain Road (approximately 3 miles south of Teakettle Junction).
    The story behind the mine's name is that in 1907 Bert Shively's burro wandered off. Bert when looking for the burro, and picked up a rock to throw at it to get its attention. But before throwing the rock, Bert noticed that it was laced with gold. The area now contains the remains of mining operations that continued into the 1970's.

    Chloride Cliffs
    Chloride City and the general Chloride Cliffs area is the site of abandoned silver mines originally established in 1871. It sits at about 5200' elevation, and provides some scenic views of the death valley area.
    It's reached from trails heading east from Daylight Pass Road (between Death Valley and Beatty).

    Rhyolite is a ghost town just southeast of Beatty, NV (and just off of Daylight Pass Road). First established in 1905, it quickly grew to about to almost 5000 people by 1907 to serve the nearby gold and silver mines, primarily the Montgomery Shoshone Mine. By 1907, it had electric lights, water mains, telephones, and the town included a school, an ice plant, a foundry, a hospital and even a stock exchange.
    However, by 1908 the town began a decline, with all three town banks closing in 2010. The largest mine, the Montgomery Shoshone Mine closed in 1911. The 1920 census reported only 14 people remaining in the town. However many of the remnants of buildings still exist today, and Rhyolite is now a historic town site managed by the BLM.
    Over the years, Rhyolite became a quirky ghost town becoming host to the Goldwell Open Air Museum containing unusual sculptures and artwork.
    Did I mention quirky?

    Titus Canyon
    Titus Canyon is a must-do ride for a Death Valley motorcycle visitor. It's a frickin' beautiful ride with majestic scenery. Titus Canyon Road is a graded dirt road heading west from Daylight Pass Road (southwest of Beatty). It crosses the Amargosa Valley and begins a slow climb into the Grapevine Mountains. The first pass is known as White Pass, where you enter Titanothere Canyon - you'll know it when you start seeing the colorful rock formations, which contain fossil beds 30-35 million years old.
    After a few more miles, you'll begin climbing more steeply with several sharp switchbacks. You'll reach Red Pass which has a small turnout area. At 5,250 feet in elevation this is the highest point. Stop at turnout, and take your first look at Titus Canyon.
    I always find it to be a breathtaking sight. The road then begins a winding descent into upper Titus Canyon. I usually stop a few times to take pics of the amazing scenery.
    Eventually, you'll reach Leadfield - the remains of another old mining town that was very short-lived.
    The remnants of several old buildings and mine operations are scattered in this area.
    After Leadfield, the road heads into the lower Canyon and will get rather narrow in certain sections. The surface can become varied - often, it remains firm and graded, however it can become very soft (gravel and sand) in some sections. Along the canyon, you can stop to view petroglyphs.
    Up until the last few miles of the road, Titus Canyon Road is one-way (west to east); however the last few miles are often used by hikers that enter from the east end, so please be wary and careful through the narrow sections towards the end of canyon.

    Zabriskie Point
    Located just southeast of Furnace Creek on Hwy 190, Zabriskie Point provides an overlook viewpoint of the badlands area at the east side of Death Valley.
    Named after Christian Brevoort Zabriskie, General Manager of the Pacific Coast Borax Company (famous for its 20 mule teams used to transport Borax), the viewpoint offers some great views of the landscape, and some short hiking trails to reach additional views.

    Twenty Mule Team Canyon Road
    This is a short 2.7 mile winding dirt road that provides more picturesque views of the badlands at the east end of Death Valley (similar terrain as seen at Zabriskie Point).

    Dante's View
    This viewpoint provides a majestic and panoramic view of the Death Valley basin.
    Reachable by taking Furnace Creek Wash Road about 13 miles east of Furnace Creek, and then taking the 13 mile long Dante's View Road to reach the viewpoint parking area (all paved). Views are best in the mornings (with the sun behind you). As the crow flies, Dante's View is only 2 miles from Badwater (but another mile up in elevation).

    Badwater Basin
    Badwater is the lowest point in North America - 292 feet below sea level; and during summers, it can be one of the hottest.
    The name comes from a spring-fed pool of "bad water", due to the accumulated salts in the surrounding area. The Badwater Basin is an endorheic lake basin, which provides no outflow to rivers or the ocean. During rain storms, water can accumulate as a shallow lake, but tends to quickly evaporate (the area has the highest evaporation potential in the US). Salts will dissolve and re-crystallize during each cycle. Repeated freeze–thaw and evaporation cycles gradually push the thin salt crust into hexagonal honeycomb shapes.

    Artist's Palette
    This is a short 9 mile one-way drive (paved) between Furnace Creek and Badwater. About 1/2 way through the drive you will discover why this attraction is named Artist's Palette.
    The drive winds through the canyons and hills east of Badwater Road. Artist's Palette is an area where oxidization of the minerals in the soils creates some amazing colors in the canyon walls.

    Barker Ranch
    Located on a side trail between the Goler Wash steps and Mengal Pass, Barker Ranch is most famous for being a desert hideaway for the Manson family, and Charles Manson was found hiding under the bathroom vanity in October 1969 during a raid by authorities investigating vandalism within Death Valley National Park.
    Originally built around 1940, James and Arlene Barker purchased the ranch in 1956, expanded the buildings, and mined for gold and uranium in the surrounding mountains for many years. Charles Manson and his followers started using the property around November 1968. In 2009, a fire burned down the structure and that's left is the foundation and some rock walls.

    Backcountry Cabins of Death Valley
    There are a large number of remote cabins in the Death Valley area. They are available for camping on a first-come basis; however be aware that many are infested with the hantavirus. If you wish to camp at a vacant cabin, raise the flag that you will find inside (that's that indication that someone is staying at the cabin).
    In Butte Valley, there are three cabins (Geologist's, Stella/Mengal, and Russell's Camp). Along the Pleasant Canyon/South Park Canyon loop are the World Beater, Briggs, and Stone cabins.
    Up Jail Canyon, you will find the Corona Mine cabin.
    And on the west side of Panamint Valley, you can find the Osborne, Minnietta, and Kopper cabins.
    These are just some of the many cabins in the Death Valley area, and worth riding to just as a destination.
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    We will have the repeater up to get coverage between Saline and Panamint Valleys again. Set your radio to 146.585 simplex with a PL/CTCSS tone of 100 Hz. This will let you hit the repeater when in range. You'll know you hit the repeater if it repeats your transmission back at you (yes, you'll hear how cool you sounded).

    Frequencies you should have:
    DVNR Repeater 146.585 Simplex, PL/CTCSS 100 Hz
    DVNP Report (9AM bcast) 170.10. - You can also monitor the NPS radios with this.

    If you don't have a radio I recommend picking a cheap one up. You can get these two items on Amazon:
    BaoFeng UV-5R Dual Band Two Way Radio (Black)
    Nagoya NA-771 - Cheaper antenna but worlds better than the one the radio comes with.
    Diamond SRJ77CA Antenna - This is more expensive but a higher quality unit.

    That will get you able to hit the repeater. As these are in the amateur band the FCC won't let you use the radio for casual communication until you have your license however in an actual emergency those rules are waived. Plus, well, there's a whole lot of nothing out there, the only people likely to be monitoring those frequencies are us.

    If you don't know how to program your radio don't sweat it, hook up in camp and we'll figure it out and test it. I'll be out there with the white DR350 and a lifted red Jeep Cherokee.

    A couple of points about general radio use. You'll likely be hitting this repeater from a 4 or 5 watt handheld radio so you're challenged out of the box. Getting the best antenna you can helps out a lot but isn't a magic bullet. Don't expect it to work very well from a moving bike unless you have clear line of sight.

    If you need to get a message to the repeater stop, remove your helmet, and interact directly with the radio. Keep your antenna pointed vertically and try not to move it around as you talk. If you've hit the repeater you will hear your transmission repeated back to you, this not only lets you know that you successfully hit the repeater but it also shows you if your comment was clear.

    If you're having a tough time getting to the repeater consider putting your side stand down and walking up a nearby hill. With radios altitude is king. If you can see the general area of South Pass you should be able to hit the repeater.
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  7. headstaller

    headstaller Long timer Supporter

    Jul 22, 2011
    Norco, CA
    Jimmy Lewis offroad riding class (Pahrump).....
    Date: 3/27/2019 (Wed) - 3/28/2019 (Thur)
    **Jimmy will donate 100.00 of the fees (per student) for Land Use Fund.
    Visit Jimmy site for more info https://jimmylewisoffroad.com/ ..(and see me riding bitch)

    1. typeamark
    2. Unkgd
    3. 32vsnake
    4. cowgirl
    5. wheresbaoskee
    6. KenR
    7. paprikajoe
    8. sugaree
    9. maritan
    10. ronbo1911
    11 ninerone9
    12. BillUA
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  8. Bonnie & Clyde

    Bonnie & Clyde Wishing I was riding RTW

    Jan 10, 2006
    Gardnerville NV
    T-Shirt & Silicups

    Prices and Design will be updated later as we get more details

    Pre-Order will end Feb 28th.


    Please do not send a PM for shirt or silicup request.
    When requesting your dibs on T-shirts and Silicup, please indicate the following:

    - Quantity
    - Size: M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL (XXL and up are additional fee)
    - Sleeve Length: Short Sleeve (SS) or Long Sleeve (LS)
    - Material: Cotton or Technical - similar to Dri-fit

    Short Sleeve Tees
    Long Sleeve Tees

    Technical Tech Tee will be a Silver Grey color and the Design will only be the Front Left Chest Design.
    Short Sleeve
    Long Sleeve

    Short Design
    Tall Design

    I will keep a list here, please check to ensure I have your details listed correctly.
    As I see your dibs I will 'like' your post and update this post. Please check this post to ensure I noted your dibs correctly.

    For 2019, these are dibs, at this time we are not taking payment for shirts and will do the honor system. However, we will have a list and mark it off as your pick up and pay for your shirt at the Rally.

    In order to keep this going and getting commemorative gear year after year, please pick up and purchase your gear. We want to keep Joel happy and less stress-y, please pickup your stuff and pay for it if you put dibs in for it.

    Shirts & Silicups:

    @ClimbingFool : Silicup: 2 - any Technical Tee: 1 LS, Cotton: 1 SS - XL
    @Unkgd : Silicup: 1 - Tall Technical Tee: LS - XL
    @garfey : Silicup: 3 (2 tall, 1 short) Technical Tee: 1 SS, 2 LS - XL
    @typeamark : Silicup: 1 any Technical Tee: 2 - LS - L, 1 - SS - L
    @Team Vegas : Silicup: 1 -any 2 Cotton SS - XL
    @MattLikeyBikey : Silicup: 1 tall Technical Tee: LS - XXXL
    @SquaredVet : Silicup: 2 Tall Technical Tee: 1 SS, 1 LS - XL
    @Bobbles : Silicup: 2 Tall Technical Tee: 1 SS - L, 1 LS - S
    @skvirdi : Silicup: 1 Tall 1 Short Technical Tee Long Sleeve: 1 LG, Cotton: 1 LS - L
    @Davethestick : Silicup: 2 Shirt: SS: 1 LG LS: 1 LG - Cotton
    @DSM8 : Silicup: 1 any 2 Shirt - Cotton: SS: XL
    @bigtodd : Shirt: Quantity? Size? SS or LS? Material?
    @Trawak : Shirt: XL & M - SS or LS? Material?

    @Motopsychoman : Technical Tee LS Large
    @Little Bike : Cotton: SS - XL
    @Chaostrophy : Silicup: 1 Short 1 Cotton SS - XXXL
    @headstaller : Silicup: 1 short Technical Tee: 1 SS, 1 LS - Large
    @Fatallybitten : Silicup: 1 Tall, 1 Short Technical Tee: 1 SS, 1 LS - XL
    @ShineySideUp : Cotton: 1 LS - L
    @SlowerThanYou : Silicup: 1 tall Technical Tee: 1 LS - L
    @HBSURFDAD : Silicup: 1 tall Cotton: 1 SS - XXL
    @thecoldman : Technical Tee: LS - XL
    @GalacticGS : Cotton: 1 SS - L, Technical Tee: 1 LS - L
    @aanichols : Cotton: 1 SS, 1 LS - L
    @m0t0-ryder : Cotton: SS - XL
    @IanInCalgary : Cotton: SS - L
    @Mak10 : Cotton: SS - M, Technical Tee: LS - L
    @phixmup : Silicup: 1 Short 1 Tall Technical Tee: 1 SS - L, Cotton: SS - L
    @eddyturn : Cotton: 1 SS - L
    @Distant thunder : Silicup: 2 Cotton: 1 XXL - SS, 1 SS - S
    @tbarstow : Silicup: 2 (1 of each) Technical Tee: SS - XL
    @dunerat : Silicup: 1 short Cotton: LS - XXL, SS - M
    @Agnessman : Cotton: SS - XL
    @migilito : Technical Tee: LS - L, LS - XL
    @JPlug : Silicup: 1 Cotton: SS - XL
    @DJSponge : Silicup: 1 short Cotton: SS - M, Technical Tee: LS - M
    @catfish : Silicup: 1 Tall Technical Tee: LS - XL
    @zgfiredude : Silicup: 2 Tall Cotton: 1 SS - XL, 1 SS XXL
    @surfgimp : Silicup: 1 Tall Cotton: 1 SS, 1 LS - XL
    @DrGincana : Cotton: SS - M
    @BillUA : Cotton: 1 XL - SS 1, L - SS
    @Cowgirl : Silicup: 1 short Technical Tee: 1 LS - M, Cotton: LS - M
    @outdoorsman : Technical Tee: 1 SS, 1 LS - M
    @byh : Silicup: 2 Technical Tee: 1 SS - XL, Cotton: 1 SS - M
    @MrEndo : Technical Tee: 1 SS, 1 LS - XL
    @Mofrid : Silicup: 1 any Technical Tee: LS - M
    @jkstehn : Silicup: 1 Tall Cotton: SS - XL
    @ET_ADV_Rider : Silicup: 2 Tall Cotton: 1 LS - XL
    @Zanola : Cotton: 1 - LS: XL, Tech Tee: 1 - LS: L
    @TPezzy : Silicup: 1 Tall, 1 Short Tech Tee: 1 SS - XL, 1 LS - XL
    @Folgore : Silicup: 1 Tall 2 short Cotton: 1 SS - XL, 1 LS - L Tech Tee: 1 LS - L
    @ArrinD : Silicup: 1 Tall Cotton: 1 SS - M
    @sumwon : Silicup: 1 - Tall Cotton SS: 1 - XL
    @Georider400 : Cotton: SS - XL
    @GSequoia : Silicup: 2 Tall Cotton: SS: L, LS: XL, Tech Tee: LS: XL
    @dirty adventurer : Silicup: 2 Tall Cotton: SS - XXL Tech Tee: LS: XXL
    @Drgnluk : Cotton: SS: XXXL
    @Jrussette : Silicup: 1 Tall Cotton: SS: XXXL
    @Suzuki Phil : Silicup: 1 any Tech Tee: SS: M
    @Lost Roadie : Silicup: 2 any
    @FullSails : Cotton: M - SS
    @rjnutt : Silicup: 3 Tall Tech Tee: 1 SS, 1 LS - XL
    @ewb : Cotton: SS - XL
    @loose screw : Cotton: SS - XXL
    @oldgrayghost : Silicup: 1 short Cotton: SS - M, Tech Tee: LS - M
    @SonoraDave : Cotton: 1 LS - L, 1 LS - M
    @camello911 : Cotton SS: 1 - M, 1 - L, 1 - XL
    @haket : Cotton: SS - XL
    @Bionic Man : Silicup: 1 Tall Cotton: SS - XL, Tech Tee: SS - XL
    @maritan : Cotton: SS - XL
    @cenji : Tech Tee: LS - L
    @Next Step : Tech Tee: XL - 1 SS, 1 LS
    @Meritlane : Silicup: 1 Tall Cotton: SS - L
    @WhereTheHellIsJames? : Silicup: 1 Short Cotton: SS - L
    @michaelbrux : Silicup: 1 Tall Tech Tee: SS - L
    @drmiller100 : Cotton: SS - XXL
    @Gerg : Silicup: 1 Tall Cotton: SS - XL
    @KaptSlo : Cotton: LS - XL
    @spafxer : Cotton: SS - XL
    @dvjim : Cotton: SS - L, LS - L, SS - XL
    @ActionHeroJes : Silicup: 1 Short Cotton: SS - L
    @BiggieFalls : Cotton: SS - XXL
    @road hammer : Silicup: 1 any Tech Tee: LS - L
    @pictor1 : Silicup: 1 Short Cotton: SS - XL, Tech Tee: LS - XL
    @WFO GS : Cotton: 2 - SS - XL
    @Andybeerguy : Silicup: 1 (late order)
    @Pbro63 : Cotton: SS - 1 - M, 1 - L, Tech Tee: 1 - M, 1 - L
    @Blaise W : Silicup: 1 (late order), Cotton: SS - XL
  9. FYYFF

    FYYFF Forever young...

    Jun 9, 2009

    Nowwhat - Unsolicited Bike Set Up Advice

    Rear Tires.... Death Valley has very little to no technical riding...one step up in Echo....a sometimes there/ sometimes not small step in Goler Wash....One hill climb in South Park and a couple rocks on Mengle Pass. All of these areas and the rest of the park can be ridden with any 50/50 Rear Adventure or DS tire...DV is actually a bit more fun with a slightly worn rear so you can slide around a bit...There is some true single track at the escape route, but if you know how to find it you aren't a noob....hahaha

    Front Tires on the other hand are important....I would suggest that you have a suitable knobby for the front...Death Valley has its fair share of partially buried rocks that will hammer the front rim. A TKC 80 is NOT A DIRT TIRE...it is a street tire cut to LOOK like a knobby. I have seen more front rim damage done in DV from TKCs than all other tires combined....Small bikes you know the desert tires...Maxxis, Kenda Parker, XCMH, AT81RC etc etc...Big Bike's with a 21" D606 is a favorite...Big Bikes with a 19"....go get a 21" hahaha...

    Tire Pressure....big bike 28F/28R...small bikes don't play around....there is zero need for low pressure in DV. I destroyed an aftermarket (stronger than stock) front rim last year with a 6 ply tire and a new mousse....

    Folding Mirrors....They move more when your face hits them

    Lighter is better....backpacks don't have to be full (3 Liters of water though)....partner with you ride buddies....not everyone needs to bring an electric pump and a chain breaker and a coffee maker...I bring the sat phone a buddy brings the tow rope etc....

    Washboard loves loose bolts.....DV has some washboard that will test your bike prep...Every year someone ejects parts......30 minutes checking bolts and some blue loctite will pay off...This includes battery cables...

    Fuel...Small bikes need big tanks.....always leave camp full....leave enough to be able to circle back out....

    Tubes.....tubes....tubes.....TUBES....Don't be that guy.....if you aren't comfortable changing a tube...this is the noobs rally....ask for some help....Dunerat is the fastest flat changer in the desert.....Toast is a close 2nd....Stop by the cottage and Toast will share his tips on flats....tell him I sent you.....

    Tools...Zip Ties....Duct Tape....Quicksteel....more Quicksteel....some quicksteel....fuses...don't go crazy on the tools...no need for a damn Crescent wrench or channel locks...a good multitool and your bike specific sockets and open ends...Everything needed for a tire repair....side note tubliss and tubeless wheels don't hold air when you taco the rim..easy to do in DV....

    Davethestick - 100 Level - Boots, Gloves, Eye Protection, Helmet. This is the bare minimum. Your body will have no protection if you fall or come into contact with the bars.Few to no riders ride at this level off road especially in the remote Death Valley.
    200 Level - The above plus - Jacket or riding jersey and riding pants. The jacket and pants will provide you some abrasion resistance if you come into contact with the dirt or road at speed. Little to no protection with hard collision with surfaces or handle bars. Big bike riders may choose this level based on their terrain selection. Oftentimes Jackets and Pants come with padding/ D30 which may help some.
    300 Level - The above plus - Chest protector (Chest, Solder and Back protection), Knee or Elbow guards, Reinforced gloves, Kidney Belts and dust protection. Most people ride at this level for extensive off road travel. Good protection, relative comfort and moveability.
    400 Level - The above plus - Neck braces, Knee braces Advanced$ riding gear (Carbon helmets I would group in this). The best class to be in upon financial barrier to entry.

    My Take: Buy gear you want to wear and is comfortable for you. The worst crashes I've had were bad because I wasn't wearing the gear (it was busy guarding the campsite). Jeans offer little to no protection which is why riding pants are in the 200 level class. There are excellent options for riding gear for even the sub $100 club. The noobs event even offers a used gear flea market. If you're planning on landing on your head then get a neck brace. Knee braces are for those who need them. There are a lot of options out there for good gear and just because its a good option for one person doesn't meen it works for you. Goggles, a full face helmet and a chest protector also protect you against roost and flying rocks at speed which hurt.[/QUOTE]

    bigtodd - Lots of good pointers from some very experienced DV Noobs veterans. Seems like a good spot to insert a posting that used to go up on previous Noob Rally threads:

    Rider Tips, Bike Set Up, Safe Riding

    1. Know your abilities and comfort level of riding. Death Valley has some of the most varied riding terrain from paved cruising to level 5 single track. Rocks and sand are part of just about every non-paved road/track in DV. Research the area, find the places you want to see, talk to other riders.

    2. Proper bike set up for riding DV is important. This is something that finds many first time riders in DV stranded or hurt for all the wrong reasons. The topic can be debated endlessly regarding do’s and don’ts. This is also a difficult topic due to the diversity of the types of bikes that are brought to the DV Noob Rally. If you are joining a ride with a designated ride leader and sweep, the leader and or sweep should check over your bike prior to the ride. If they are not comfortable with your set up, be prepared to not be part of their ride. Here are some pretty basic things to address:

    - Your bike is in good running condition, DV is the wrong place to bring a bike that may or may not get you back to camp.

    - Lay your bike on the ground and be sure you can pick it up on your own.

    - Tires in good condition; whether you are riding all pavement or the most difficult trails.

    - Know your bike’s fuel range; lots of long distances in DV with no gas stations. Lots of riders carry spare fuel on their bikes or tucked in a backpack.

    - Carry the appropriate tools to address potential problems on the trail. Most bikes have specific tool kits related to the bike … always have them. No need to bring the whole tool box from your garage or truck.

    - Tools part 2; carry tire irons and some kind of pump. Know how to fix a flat tire.

    - Make sure you have a spare tube with you on any ride in DV. Better yet, carry two. Even if you have tubeless tires, a plug is not going to help you if a rock slashes your side wall.

    - Lastly but maybe the most important; leave your panniers in camp. Everything noted above, fuel, tools, tubes can easily be carried in a back pack, tail bag or under the seat. There are only bad things that can happen when riding off road with “adventure” panniers.

    - One more thing … LEAVE THE PANNIERS IN CAMP! By the way, in camp, panniers make great ice chests.

    3. Safe riding is your biggest responsibility while in Death Valley. There are numerous examples of how the area got its famous name. Following the guidelines from the previous notes/points is a good start, however here are some basic safe riding points to consider:

    - Try to ride in a group and have a ride plan. If you are going to ride alone, make sure someone in camp is aware of where you are going and when you expect to be back.

    - Follow basic group ride etiquette; maintain safe distance between riders, stop at turns/forks/intersections and make sure rider behind you follows.

    - Always have water and snacks with you at all times.

    - Carry a basic first aid kit

    There are lots of very experienced riders who attend this event and can be very helpful to address all above points. Keep in mind there are lots of opinions and preferences to ALL, so gather the information and advice best suited to you. Enjoy your time in Death Valley and the comradery of the NOOBS Rally.
  10. rider914

    rider914 Agnostic Adventurer Supporter

    Feb 28, 2005
    Alta Loma, CA
    Adventure flashback...


    Future adventures loading....


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  11. Migolito

    Migolito Prognosticator and MotoYogi

    Nov 6, 2011
    Saline Valley Pre NooBs overnite ride

    (AKA Hell or High Water ride)

    What: Saline Valley Warm Springs overnite ride. Open to all riders-New riders and riders new to Adventure riding are highly encouraged to come This is a basic, easy ride on improved dirt roads (Pavement to the Saline Valley turn off) and a perfect opportunity to test your Adv riding and gear. We will ride as a group from our base at Panamint Springs campground (nOObs Rally) to Saline Valley Warm Springs, set up camp, spend the nite, and return the following morning. Appx 70 miles each way. ANY dual sport motorcycle can make this ride, including Honda's! I will ride a slow, but, steady pace. We will have a sweep and practice group riding dynamics(were going to spread waaaay out and give each other lotsa room). If you find my pace ‘too friggin slow’, please feel free to blast ahead, but, let me know so we don't start searching for you. If we get a bunch of riders we may split into a couple of groups.

    Where: Saline Valley Warm Springs- https://www.google.com/maps/place/S...2995c75b7be5a!8m2!3d36.8128786!4d-117.7661246

    SVWS is a natural series of Hot Springs located in the middle of nowhere. The springs are primitive camping, although pit toilets are provided. Drinking water is also available. Absolutely NO services are available, so, bring enough fuel, food and parts.

    When: We leave absolutely, positively, without exceptions at 1pm on Wednesday, March 27, 2019 from my CABIN #17 at Panamint Springs. The time is set in stone, unless, as usual, we change it.

    What to bring:

    -Dual Sport motorcycle with decent DS or Knobby tires. The road is simply NOT a technical road. However, it may(depending on Winter) be highly rutted. For more experienced riders there are plenty of technical stuff available, however, we will not ride it as a group..

    - Tool kit, parts, tubes. Please have the ability and parts to change a flat. We will assist you,but again you will be fined a beer back at Panamint. I carry a CO2 inflator and tire plugs for my tubeless tires. I’d rx you get a CO2 inflator. I also carry a chain kit, fuel tube. So, please read up on what you will need and ask. I and others will post up more info re kits and what we carry as this thread progresses.

    -Rescue: I carry an Inreach, an FRS radio and a HAM radio. Always carry basic Rescue gear-20’ of 1” nylon webbing for a tow strap, Bivy bag, matches, water, food, etc. I and others will post up more detailed rescue kit.

    - Food: plan on bringing your own food. Mountain House (and a stove), a sandwich, powerbars, etc

    -Sleeping bag, bedroll, air mattress, mink coat. What ever! It’s not cold. Don’t over complicate this-it's Adv riding! 40deg bag is even over kill. Check the weather a week out and prepare accordingly.

    -Tent. I do tent, some sleep under the stars(no hammocks-no trees).

    - Fuel. You need 150 mile range plus 10%. My bike has a 200 mile range, and I always carry a liter of fuel in an aluminum MSR container. I suggest you getting use to carrying extra fuel if ADV is in your future. Walking sucks in Death Valley especially wearing Mx boots.

    -Flashlite and a chair. Sounds obvious and stupid at the same time. Yes, bring an LED flashlite/headlamp and extra batteries.

    -Shorts/small towel/flipflops for the springs...cause you can't ride a motorcycle across Death Valley and not go swimming.

    -Luggage. Mosko Moto/Giant loop/Wolf/etc. I use a MM Reckless 40l and it is the best piece of gear I own. It’s truly world class equipment, made by a world class company. So, bring what you got, or, get what you need. A duffle that is SECURELY strapped to your bike will also work. USE a cinch strap-it’s kinda like a really strong bungee. MM and others sell them. DO NOT use a rope/tape or the straps you use to strap your bike down with because you will lose your duffle. Did I emphasize securely strapped to your bike!! Please learn from my screw ups. (Side Note: Mosko Moto will be at our event. You may want to contact them a couple of months out if you’re interested in their gear) HERE IS THE BOTTOM LINE- YOU carry ALL your own gear. There will be no Sherpas available to carry your gear. For Gods sake Ewan only had a tank bag and did the Road of Bones! on a BMW too!

    Caution and disclosure: Nekid folks occupy the Springs. Not I as you will be punished enough just getting to Saline. Nothing lurid, just nature lovers basking in the sun, most of whom have obviously been at the springs since the 1960s.

    Please fell free to ask questions, provide answers, post 'how to' vids, etc.

    Sign-ups: Sign up will be posted closer to the date.
    NOTE: last year it rained at the time this ride was scheduled to take place. Due to the ' noobness' intent of this ride, as Rideleader, i cancelled the ride. This year this ride will happen come Hell or High water. In all seriousness...this is a desert wilderness and on any ride you can get dead. Flash floods, wind, snakes, gravity, desert giants all will cause you harm. Keep this in mind when you choose to make this ride.
  12. Motopsychoman

    Motopsychoman Not a total poseur Supporter

    Jun 2, 2013
    For all those traveling from Northern California to PSR

    Weather Conditions - UPDATED 3/26

    Bay Area - Tuesday 3/26 dry, low 45/high 62, Wednesday 3/27 & Thursday 3/28 75% chance RAIN, low 47/high 60
    Central Valley - Tuesday 3/26 to Thursday 3/28 dry, low 47/high 77
    East side of Sierras (Lee Vining) - Tuesday 3/26 dry, low 25/high 56, Wednesday 3/27 WINTER STORM WATCH, 100% chance of RAIN/SNOW MIX, low 25/high 50, Thursday 3/28 20% chance of rain/snow mix, low 17/high 46
    Lone Pine - Tuesday 3/26 to Thursday 3/28 dry, HIGH WINDS on Wednesday, low 34/high 72
    Walker Pass - Tuesday 3/26 to Thursday 3/28, dry, STRONG WINDS Wednesday and Thursday, low 38/high 73
    Tehachapi - Tuesday 3/26 dry, low 39/high 64, Wednesday 3/27 & Thursday 3/28, 50% chance of showers and STRONG WINDS, low 35/high 60
    Always subject to change.

    Road Conditions - UPDATED 3/26
    I-80 (Donner Summit) Open, CARRY CHAINS
    US 50 (Echo Summit) Open
    CA 88 (Carson Pass) Open, traffic controls west of Amador, CARRY CHAINS
    CA 89 (Monitor Pass) CLOSED
    CA 4 (Ebbetts Pass) CLOSED
    CA 108 (Sonora Pass) CLOSED
    CA 120 (Tioga Pass) CLOSED
    CA 155 (to CA 178) CLOSED due to continuing roadwork
    CA 178 (Walker Pass) Open
    CA 58 (Tehachapi) Open
    CA 14 Open
    CA 190 Open
    CA 136 (to CA 190) Open
    CA 25, 198, 33 Open
    US 99 Open, Night time construction
    US 395 Open, HIGH WIND WARNING from Bishop north
    US 95 Open

    And, of course, I'm in, tenting it, spot #28 please.

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  13. spafxer

    spafxer Long timer

    Mar 12, 2007
    Oh look, the Noobs are at it again !

    Photo Credits: Jamin Mathis

    Run what you brung.
    photo: H8Chains (Joel)
  14. Folgore

    Folgore Been here awhile

    Mar 6, 2007
    Oregon City OR, but would rather be in Baja!
    IMG_5865.JPG IMG_5870.JPG IMG_5994.JPG Folgore and his boys are in (and hopefully the Duc's electrical will stay in tact this time)!
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  15. NSFW

    NSFW who else would love noobs? Super Supporter

    Feb 20, 2007
    Burbank CA
    FOLKS.....for now not much info on this page.

    we will update them later and as needed.

    this is the only page you need to go for info and latest update.
  16. NSFW

    NSFW who else would love noobs? Super Supporter

    Feb 20, 2007
    Burbank CA
    i will be posting links to the previous ride reports here to inspire and motivate you to join.
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  17. Pcfly

    Pcfly Dude?! Seriously?? Supporter

    Nov 30, 2008
    North of the Columbia River

    Pcfly. TCCCM + D3

    Motel #14

    Don’s Brother John
    Don’s Dad (Bionic Man)

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  18. Davethestick

    Davethestick Long timer

    Mar 28, 2011
    Phoenix, AZ
    Death Valley Noobs Ride - 2018
    Death Valley Noobs Ride - 2017
    Death Valley Noobs Ride - 2016
    Death Valley Noobs Ride - 2015
    Death Valley Noobs Ride - 2014
    Death Valley Noobs Ride - 2013
    Death Valley Noobs Ride - 2012
    Death Valley Noobs Ride - 2011
    Death Valley Noobs Ride - 2010
  19. SFCootz

    SFCootz RIP Tom/Barnyard. Super Moderator Super Supporter

    Jun 21, 2013
    Froggy Bottoms
    Oh man, the 28th is the day I get back from Oz. Anyone wanna pick me up at LAX and bring me here? :lol3

    EDIT: In, will need space to park a van. My buddy @tag3 said he'd pick me up from LAX so I can go straight from Melbourne to Noobs. :happay
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    HBSURFDAD Let's go see what's over there Supporter

    May 15, 2016
    Huntington Beach. CA, USA
    In, cabin please.
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